Je Veux

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  • ℹ️ Published 12 years ago

A short fictional thriller. Directed by Sean Bloemer. Starring Rachael Weathers and Stephanie Shotwell. ©Sean Bloemer. All rights reserved.

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Technical Details:
Photographed on the original Panasonic Varicam with Fujinon lens
Kino-Flo lighting
Edited in Final Cut Pro

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Thanks for watching my short film! Let me know in the comments if you’d like me to post a behind the scenes video including interviews with the actresses. Subscribe if you’d like to see more of my original content. You can also follow me on Insta @seanbloemer.

Author — @seanbloemer


The beginning was awesome I was really excited than I was disappointed by the end. I think the strangulation wasn't the best part of it.

Author — @lysianelyly5136


Eu amo essa música, essa batida uno.yutuber.BOND49:07 Belíssima

11:43 Sensualidade em cada movimento

27:42 Que

13:42 maravilhosa ver uma criança

33:58 preocupado com a preservação da natureza! 22:43 Lindo de

14:21 Parabéns Eve e Adam, Deus abençoe

Author — @user-nq7xv8ol5k


I think I derived a meaning from this video. To me, it resembles that our desires and lust can be our ultimate downfall. If we get so caught up in the pleasure and the excitement they provide, we can be easily distracted and fall into the pit of unhealthy obsessions and self-indulgences. We forget to deal with our own lives. In the end, it’s always us who get hurt when it’s too late. Maybe I put a lot of meaning to these things but it’s just an interpretation :)

Author — @darksunrise8329


Absolutely brilliant, I love it n want more!!❤️❤️

Author — @markwoodbridge3008


Us: Were going to see 2 lesbians kissing eachother

Us after seeing the end: *Weve been tricked, weve been backstabbed and weve been quite possibly bamboozled*

Author — @moonstrosity.


Amo vcs mulheres maravilhosas. Não sei o que seria de mim sem vcs

Author — @angeloalex3211


If you're looking to shock me, you've succeeded. I love seeing women together. You made the natural attraction between these two women palatable.

But the shock on the part of their careers woman being killed...and those of us watching it distressed...for what...edgeiness?

Author — @chrisfreeman4457


Found the extremely violent twist really disturbing. Acting is exquisite

Author — @vinlennox7658


Director: I want the two of you to kiss
Actresses: but we're wearing lipstick
Director: OK, do whatever

Author — @timothysmith5111


What happened at the end??? Why'd she kill her???? Why do I have the feeling that the chick with dark hair stalks the restroom and watches whatever chick walks in, seduces her, and then kills her??? Because that's the vibe I'm getting.

Author — @JustLindaThings


*_Suis-je le seul à avoir été follement excité par cette scène croyant à quelques chose d'unique qui fait parti de mon plus gros fantasme ( Deux Lesbiennes bonne comme elles qui se caressent) Et à la fin j'ai eu envie de chialer 😭😭💖_*

Author — @pauldragnir4116


very instructive video, opens new views of the mind❤❤❤

Author — @smilingmember3947


the acting is good but the end is brutal

Author — @user-jb1nd2ym8m


Again . THIS IS SICKING, regardless of gender . "Thou shalt not kill". You who participate in these matters, will be judged for being apart of the sinful nature of this scene . I thank those who agreed with me . I'm responding again in their behave . Thank you so much for your support . We're all sinners in one way or another . Repent, receive Jesus Christ as your Saviour . Be cleansed by His blood that your sins be forgiven . He died to set us free and forgiveness is at the foot of the cross . Celebrate Jesus this Easter Sunday . God's love, mercy and Grace will wipe your sins away, thru the blood of the Lamb . Trust him . Know Him . You can spend Eternity with Him forevermore . Amen !

Author — @ricknally8730


Никогда бы не подумал что найду на Ютубе клубничку😂

Author — @Forest_Vercetti


me before watching this: let's watch a video of a gay couple making out so i feel even more single than i already do anyways

me after having watched this: i think i have serious trust issues now

(in my defense: i can't speak french so i don't know what the title says (let me know (i looked it up it says: i want) (didn't know that until now so)))

Author — @hale-bopp4692


On ne peut pas aimer cette violence mais c' est le scenario qui est écrit et joué dans ce sens .

Author — @thierrywatine4380


I just saw my 6 year old sister watching this

Author — @user-lj1yg3yr4v


Kim ayıp şeyler izlerse cennetten atılır kim hatırlatırız affedilir

Author — @cemilcan-iz2eq