OnePlus X Unboxing Setup & Overview (Retail Unit)

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OnePlus X unboxing & hands on overview, the OnePlus X is the latest smartphone from OnePlus it has a 5" 1080p AMOLED screen is powered by a 2.3 Ghz Quad core processor it has 3GB RAM a 13MP rear / 8MP front facing camera and I do the unboxing and give you a hands on overview.

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Thanks Ranjit for the review. I received invite & willing to buy One Plus X. Just one help. Does it supports 2 way call recording ? I mean does 3rd party call recording apps like ACR would work on it ? This is an very imp factor for me (for business reasons) & i would be really obliged if you could test the same.

Author — MIT ASD


Hey, Ranjit!
I got an invite but before going ahead I just need to make sure about few more things -

1) The quality of black glass. What are the chances of it surviving a drop?
2) The call quality?
3) How is the dynamic range of the rear camera? (Keeping in mind the $250 phone)
4) How is it working with SD card?
5) Does it have Wi-Fi Direct?

Author — Nakul Janglay


Hi Ranjit, I saw both your reviews on Oneplus x. Hope you will soon post a full review for this phone. However, I would like to know your opinion on which phone is better altogether OnePlus X or Moto X Play or Moto G 3rd Gen? If someone who has used all three of them can give an insight that would be really helpful.

Author — Santanu Ghosh


Hi Geekyranjith,

How concerned should I be about the burn in issues of AMOLED screen ?

Author — My View


Based on your experience till now, what do you feel about the OnePlus X? Better than Mi4, atleast in camera dept?
I feel the battery would be a letdown on the OnePlus X. Too low for the offered specs.
I have 48hrs left for my OnePlus X invite. Should I go with that or Mi4? Camera, battery and smooth UI are my preferences.

Your quick reply would be helpful.

Author — Prakash Chaudhary


I bought this device on 5th. Its yet to come.
I have a few questions
1.Will it get the Marshmellow update?
2.How long will the battery sustain after charging fully?
3. I read some comments regarding heating issues. So please test it and cover it in the review video.

Author — Rushikesh Kulkarni


Namasty Geekyranjit. I have watched your reviews for Oneplus X. I am going to buy this phone. There is just one hesitation about what you said in your review that in Lollipop version, apps that are shifted to SD card get unresponsive.
Please clarify on that and if the same problem exists in Marshmallow version?

Finally, thank you very much for all your reviews. They are a lot of help.

Author — Muhammad Arslan Hashmi


Made up my mind returning my 5X and getting this the screen alone is amazing especially with the dark mode

Author — stillouthere


what's your initial impressions about this one against X Play? can u do a comparison on day to day performance and camera performance between these two in future? Hope u'll do. It'll be really helpful. Confused between these two.

Author — Chris


Hi good review ..
I got this phone 2 days back .. I have issue with Micro SD card .. the thing is iam able to view contents in SD card but not able to move the apps from internal storage to SD card .. its throwing No space error .. but i have over 5 GB of free space ... i noticed in the video u were mentioning that there is a issue in SD card can u brief on that it would be really helpfulll ... Thanks a lot :) :)

And when will u upload full and Detailed review

Author — CPR Linux Addict


Hey ranjith, I wanted to know if the oneplus x worth buying in that price range or is there a better package available?

Author — roshan S


Hi Ranjeet, I would like you to do a screen comparison with a Samsung AMOLED ( note 4/s6 edge / note 5 ). And would like to check of any bugs you come across while you use the device as your daily driver. And lastly if a manual mode has all the necessary control options like in G4 ( Kelvin metre wont be there I am sure )

Author — ravi sagar


just a few questions please help!!!
1)how the battery life on this device
2)how long it takes to charge up the device
3)did the update helped reduce the battery drain
4)hows the gaming performance on this device
your reply will be very much appreciated :)

Author — GtaFanEver


Very nice video. I have a few questions.

How is Oneplus service in India ?

Can screen burn-in be an issue with on-screen navigation control buttons ??

Author — Sudeepto Dutta


Ranjit is there an option to change the WiFi frequency band or it can only run the 2.4 GHz band?

Author — Parth Jai Prakash


+Geekyranjit They said that there are two 4g bands missing in name 12 and 17. that's an issue in us how will it affect to users in india? And between asus zenfone selfie moto x play and one plus x which one should i chose?

Author — Amit


Hi, thanks for your very quick revert! I am really great fan of your reviews... and deliver real and honest reviews but till the time any software updates, how could I survive... I think before delivering real products to end consumer they should do type of testing etc which I believe not a good sign to a company which is growing like anything.

Author — radhe krishna


if it has dual sim with sd card slot
then it will be awesome

Author — Phaneendra Duvvuri


hi ranjit, would love to see a review of miui7 on redmi 2, want to know the. comparison between miui6 and 7 and shud i upgrade it to 7, since u knw redmi 2 has only 4 gigs of internal memory will upgrading to miui7 would effect my internal space. and thanks fr all ur reviews i just love it, worth watching it.

Author — Hunk on Adventure


what's the difference between the retail unit with the original one?

Author — LDG