DFX (Voyboy Yasuo) VS CLA (Tuesday Ekko) Game 2 Highlights - 2017 NACS Summer W4

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It's a bit sad that huge league legends are now that bad :(

Author — Jakub Kamiński


shiptur try really hard but his team is too heavy XD

Author — random weird guy


shiphtur is a god, just put him mid and i bet he will carry every single game .

Author — ThalosTV


LMAO Delta Fox getting outplayed everywhere

Author — Patrick


shiphtur should play support mid and jungle in my opinion kappa. for real i hope some good team picks him up again this guy is actually insane

Author — Max Mh


oh my, scarra dragging down his teammates

Author — ohlnwwlknat


i wonder why scarra flashed there when he can just walk to them straight and put up the knock up 0:14

Author — yey


I think they're just a star team not a e-sports team

Author — 徐秀杏


Misplay misplay everywhere, voyboy misclicked and bard got the kill, rumble kill went off and dyrus still flashed

Author — DarceyXgamer


idk what they see in voyboy mid i mean he is not bad but its not good either, in teamfights his contribution to the team are the same as the support.

Author — Leo M


Instead of bashing DFX, here's what I have to say. DFX when playing, play with no purpose( as though they're playing in solo queue) however, the individual skill is there. There's a reason why these players make the top of the challenger Elo every season. On the other hand, it will take time for them to think like a team and play as a team and to relearn all the basic components of it means to be a solid professional team.

Author — Gary Hoxha


pretty sure shipthur is a better mid than nooboy.

Author — 456honoka


lo diré una y otra vez delta fox, es solo un "equipo" de lujo y nada más de gente que no se complementan entre ellos, y que solo de lo mejor en solo q, pero que como equipo dan asco, así es y sin duda

Author — Kosmos


Why is even DFX playing because they are so bad. It would be much better if in DFX squad were young players instead of veterans who forgot how to play proffesionaly.

Author — Ivan Škojo


failed play after fail play after failed play

Author — Juxhin Marku


I knew any team who would pick Yasuo in competitive these days are trash, so is that cancer champ

Author — TehShroo