Wire-Spoked Wheels vs. Alloy Wheels—Which Are Better? | MC Garage

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Here’s another technology matchup from the MC Garage: Old-school wire-spoked wheels versus modern one-piece alloy wheels. What’s the difference, and which design is better? That all depends…

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You gotta admit alloy wheels on a classic bike are slightly disturbing

Author — seasonedtoker


Yet ANOTHER excellent video covering a somewhat complex and controversial motorcycle topic. Great job!

Author — Bob The Builder


Do a video on Clutch-less shifting (power shifting) versus a quickshifter versus regular shifting

Author — Abyssal Zone


thanks Ari... as usual a great show and you leave armchair mechanics like me speechless as you hit every aspect

Author — Mr Spork


You should do a video on the benefits/drawbacks of more exotic wheels like Forged aluminum, magnesium and carbon wheels.

Author — Donovan Lewis


I find the MC garage very helpful for a novice to get up to speed. Great stuff!

Author — RiderontheStorm1992


Thanks guys for another proper video. In my case, Speed Triple R 2016, the spoke wheels are 1.5kg heavier than the stock alloy wheels. And that does affect the riding and launching mode vastly. It is still sweet and powerful, but not like with the stock wheels. On the other hand, the bike feels much more smoother on uneven terrain and in places like my city, Bogota, that's a treat you can say no to! so very happy my spoke wheels. It all depends on what you are after: Cool Look or sweet performance.

Author — Kaisser


Great video guys!!
Can you please do one on the pros and cons of removing the butterfly exhaust valve? Thanks!

Author — Rafael Kernan


You also left out that when cast wheels fail, they fail catastrophically most of the time. Especially harder materials like aluminium and magnesium alloys. Spoked wheels will never shatter on you. For road use a spoked front and alloy back will work as the majority of catastrophic failures that'll kill you are front wheel based.

Author — bashpr0mpt


love your vids !
do a video next please on engine designs and lay outs :) 1 vs 2 vs 3 vs 4 cylinders and how it affects powerband torque rev limit etc etc

always been curious why certain manufacturers choose different engine set ups for the same class of bikes with the same or similar cc/hp

Author — Oso 11


This channel is simply astonishing. Videos are very informative and simple to understand even for people, who are new to motorcycling community. Keep 'em coming!

Author — Remigijus Bagdzevičius


I just watched your spoked and mag wheel video. I was taught at a motorcycle school for mechanics that there is a major difference between the two types of wheels.
That is how they carry the weight of the motorcycle. A cast wheel carries the weight between the bottom of the rim as it sits on the ground and the axle whereas a spoked wheel carries the weight between the top of the rim and the axle.
Basically a cast wheel supports the axle and on a spoked wheel the axle is " hung" from the top of the rim.
What this means for performance or rideability, I don't know. But if you think about it, it is true. Spokes are not strong enough to support the weight of the bike from below.

Author — Scott Henderson


Great video overall, however alloy wheels are not universally tubeless. Some of the early Honda Comstar designs, possibly others, require tubes.

Author — ClackClackKLR


These education videos are great. They are thorough and unbiased. Love the effort and work you guys and gals put into MC Garage.

Author — Ladybug Adventures


Great video! Can you compare low-end vs high-end suspension?

Author — Antonie Fischerova


There are pressed disc wheels also.Well explained 💯

Author — Ajay Narayanan


"Hope you learned something" - Ari Sir, that's a given - we learn something every time you boys are kind enough to make another vid. Keep it up!

Author — Alex Beasley


Mag wheels can run tubeless, and therefore can be plugged on the road. A HUGE advantage!

Author — Allen


@Ari Nice work. Your videos are full of content, knowledge and less of jargon. I have one request though. What is your fitness regime and what kind of races you involve in? As a fan of your work, just wanted to know this. Thanks and keep making more of these videos.

Author — Sandeep Pareek


I had a Spirograph as a kid so spoked wheels are my fav. There's also something to be said for the "ancient" technology keeping up with the times. Mag wheels have their merits but they necessarily better, just different.

Author — debunkthejunk1