Understanding Kashmir: Kashmiri Pandits, Insurgency & AFSPA | Ep. 100(Part2) | The DeshBhakt

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Understanding Kashmir: Kashmiri Pandits, Insurgency & AFSPA | Ep. 100(Part2) | The DeshBhakt 4.5

Watch the first part of Understanding Kashmir by clicking the link below.

In Episode 100 (Part 2) of TheDeshbhakt, we explain the plight of Kashmiri Pandits, the origin of insurgency in Kashmir, AFSPA, and possible solutions the Modi Government can take in order to solve the Kashmir problem. Also the voice we need to hear the most - but dont.

Kashmir issue, ever since independence, has been a sensitive topic, even though real information is scarcely consumed. In Part of this series we covered the history and struggle of Kashmir, Article 370 and Article 35A...we tried to understand why despite decades of intervention - why the Kashmir conflict remains unsolved.

By no means, this is a complete history of the state - just an attempt to explain some knotty issues / keeping facts in mind and going easy on the emotions.

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Producer- Sarthak Goswami
Editor- Tushar Chaudhary
Writer- Shreya Mishra


💬 Comments on the video

I'm from Kashmir..
This guy is Very Very True.
I love your Truthfulness and Braveness.
Allah bless you.
love from Kashmir ❤

Author — Kashmiri Guy


As a kashmiri i can say ur every single word is truth...and hats off for that...❤
Except that of getting money for throwing stones..which is not true..
Love from kashmir..❤❤

Author — Dar Arsalan


Kashmiri jamin chahiye ya
Maine decide kiya hai muze log chahiye....

Author — vikas sathe


Good Job Akash. I am kashmiri i felt whatever you said it was more than 90% accurate. Love your work and subscribing your channel.

Author — B Malik


Many of my friends are Kashmiri.
Nowadays we have online classes going on and they can't attend the online classes because 2G is working there. "Agar aap unke hath se pen cheen rahe ho to iska matlab app unke hath me gun pakda rahe ho"

Author — Fahad Alam


Kashmir ka ilaaqa chaahiye ya kashmiri log chahiyen?? Hum indians ko yeh seriously sochne ki zroorat hai... Good work Akash

Author — Puneet Inder Singh


Even I'm from kashmir... N we feel that everyone over there want jus kashmir not the kashmiri people.. Everyone wants to debate on kashmir nobody wants to debate on kashmiris.. Only staying in lockdown for 21 days govt gave relaxtions on emi, loans n other things.. Did any body thought we are in lockdown since 5th august n we still have 2g internet n govt of india is talking about online classes n development in kashmir..

Author — Muzaffar Ahmad


I dont know that why you had to insult imran khan .. Sad .... Especially when your recording suggesting otherwise..

Author — Mahmood Mohammed


Shastri ne kashmari pandtho Ko waps bulaya jaise 2019 me 370 todne par bulaya BJP modi kutte ne.

Author — Amir farooq Khan


Ap ne problem btae but where is solution? ????
Kashmir me REFRENDOM kara lo solution ajae ga

Author — ali latif


Shout out to all Kashmiris brothers.
We are with you!
Stay strong.
Many like me in Maharashtra are not biased.
Become a part of system to solve problems.. i know how hard it is for you. We can only hope for best.
Also Dont watch mainstream news. Their pockets are filled money to spread poison in society.

Author — aniket gawade


First of all thanks for making a video on “kashmir” being a kashmiri i believe I am much aware about the ground level situation and facts, it’s my humble request to you to add some more points whenever you gotta chance to make another video on kashmir.
1) why are out women been raped by Indian army soldiers.
2) why there are more than 10k half widows in kashmir.
3) where there are more than 150k below 18 years youngsters behind the bars.
And I would like to correct you here no one is paying Kashmiri youngsters to pelt stones on cops it’s just the grudge that we are holding in our hearts because of the reasons mentions above.

And thank you very much for the video pal, stay blessed✌️

Author — The Alpha


Really, i was misinformed, thanks for showing truth as always 🙏🙏

Author — Jitendra Kumar


18:45 Mudda agar Indus ka pani hota toh itna outrage nehi hota. Us hisab se toh Bangladesh aur India me bhi outrage hone chahie the. Apne instrument os accession ke bare me kuch bataya nehi. Raja Hari sing kyu insecure the woh bhi nehi bataya. Aisi kya importance hai Article 370 and 35A ka jo duriyo ko nazdikio me badlega woh bhi samajh nehi aaya

Author — Rudra Shankar Ghosh Roy


Your work reminds of a famous quote I read in school...

Sirf hungama khada karna mera maksad nahi
Meri koshish hai k soorat badalni chahiye...
Mere seene me nahi tere seene me sahi
Ho kahin bhi aag lekin aag jalni chahiye...

More power to you Akash...
Thanks and best regards

Author — Gurdeep Khurmi


Like your second part... Simple let Kashmiry people to choose what they want

Author — movie on demand


We love you Kashmiri's we are with you please don't have fears ❤️

Author — Shubham Kumar


Kashmiri log chahiye, aur unke haq ji zameen 💫❣️,
Ye jo Hinduism ke naam pe itna khel khelte hain, unko bhi koi ye bataaye, ki krishna ji ne bhi apne logon ki suraksha ke liye Mathura chhod diya tha, aur dwarka basaya tha,
Ye jo atheism ke naam pe cool bante hain, unko bhi Thor ki baat smjhni chahiye ki Asgard koi jagh nhi hai, jahan Asgard ke log honge wahi Asgard ho jaega.
Itne saare facts figures ki baat ignore krke, jo log kashmirion ko maarne ki baat krte hain, pubg se free time milne pe, aur coolness ke chakkar mein #aayegatomodihi krte hain;
Agr ye desh bacha rha 20 saalon tk, to in jaise logon ko boht kosa jaega!
Thanks akash sir, you really are a deshbhakt, am in a gen. Of coolness and WhatsApp, and was believing in memes and edited figures, shared on them, but you changed my perspective, coz am also from the generation which is high in common sense, thanks a lot sir ❣️❣️🙌
Edit:- am not saying ki kashmir ko jaane do, am saying ki kashmiri logon se puchho unhe kya chahiye



As a Kashmiri, I can validate whatever Akash has put forward in this video. This is the reality. Thanks, Akash

Author — Furqan A


Did Pakistan consulted Kashmiris to allow chin to construct CPEC in Kashmir?

Why this issue did not reach UNSC.

Author — Daneshwari Hammond