Hannity: Mob reports fake news, possibly put people's lives in danger

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Hannity: Mob reports fake news, possibly put people's lives in danger 4.5
CNN reports CIA extracted high-level spy from Russia in 2017 over concerns of President Trump leaking information. #Hannity #FoxNews

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You may die, but we need the ratings. That's the risk we're willing to take.
-- CNN

Author — Jonathan Pasch


CNN seems to hate Trump more than they care for the country.

Author — pspower


There has been life lost and people injured... all over the country. Fake news has created a climate of hate.

Author — UsserError


FCC should revoke their broadcast licence

Author — R Roulouketh


If that man or anyone in his family are harmed or God forbid murdered, whoever gave out the address should be held accountable. The fake news media truly is the enemy of the people.

Author — Bill Crandall


CNN is a disgrace .. I can't believe how anybody could watch this pathetic fake news network .

Author — Mike Schwindt


Yet nothing happens to those fake news outlets!!!!

Author — New Lion


CNN and MSNBC should each be fined $50 million per incident of fake news endangering National Security, maybe then they will learn what true journalism is.

Author — Yousri Mikhael


Oh, good grief. These brain dead idiots just don't quit.

Author — Patton Kirkpatrick


The Fake News Media is the enemy of the people

Author — David Adrian


Arrest fake purgery journalism msm go to jail.for lies.

Author — Jack Curtis


CNN wouldn't know the truth if it kicked them.

Author — jodie Turner


Congrats to Republican Dan Bishop, the declared winner in the North Carolina Special Election.

Author — Christopher


CNN's Year's of crying Russia Russia Russia has finally caught up with them !

Author — Red 2020


CNN the attention junkie network of nit-wits...fake news day in day out.

Author — james everett


It is time for CNN to be shut down in the interest of national security.

Author — Paul Falconi


Thank you CNN for helping Trump get ReElected. 😁

Author — Zedek


These reporters need to be fired, CNN, NBC. Need to be shut down!

Author — eskimo commotion


Now the fake media CNN is openly a threat to national security and the safety of Americans. At this rate they are going to get themselves forceably shut down and prosecuted

Author — tbird90sc


CNN is fake news. Next up, water is wet.

Author — Tu Ho