New Info About Crash That Killed Kobe Bryant Emerges As Millions Mourn | TODAY

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New Info About Crash That Killed Kobe Bryant Emerges As Millions Mourn | TODAY 4.5

As millions around the world continue to mourn the deaths of Kobe Bryant, his daughter and seven others, NBC’s Tom Costello reports that the helicopter they were in lacked critical safety equipment that could have made all the difference.

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New Info About Crash That Killed Kobe Bryant Emerges As Millions Mourn | TODAY

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We will never know with out a black box what happened for sure

Author — The Big Jackpot


RIP Kobe Bryant And Gianna Bryant And the seven other

Author — MoGoCrazy


I remember when I was at one of his daughter’s game, he was covered in Bodyguards.i was walking past him, and he said....

Wassup 🙏🏼😭

Author — N3on


“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it’s a memory.” Theodor
Seuss Geisel

Author — Satitma Kid


The pilot was disoriented and he didn't check his instruments, otherwise he would have known that he was diving. He took one to many chances.

Author — David Wallace


I just wished they didnt fly. I dont even drive when weather is bad, let alone fly. Rest in Peace to all 9 lives lost.

Author — AP J


Why did they have to fly the sheriff helicopters were grounded wasnt that a warning

Author — Hugo Quintero


This hurt and shocked billions of people in the world. I still cannot not believe this and it leaves you speechless. No one really knows what happened during the time they were on board. It's just heartbreaking.

Author — TY WRIGHT


Imagine having to pick up the remains of these people. Absolutely horrible. That’s their life over..

Author — Muley


"there was nothing he couldnt do" except have common sense not to fly a helicopter in dangerous weather

Author — CallOfPundy1192


At seventeen, a ballers dream,
The kid could really play,
From high school to the pros
He's God's gift to L.A.

It was clear, we held him dear,
A cut above the rest,
His work, his drive, his inner pride.
He gave his personal best.

Around the world, a B-ball Jedi,
Like Obi-Wan Kenobi,
There may never come another man,
As the legend known as, KOBE.


Author — BadBertLA


RIP TO not just "Kobe and Gianna AND the others" but with respect to everyone who passed:
Kobe and Gianna
( father and daughter, worldwide know basketball player and daughter who was a young basketball player )
John, Keri, and Alyssa
( Husband, wife, and daughter. John was a coach and his daughter was a young basketball player)
( Coach )
( Pilot )
Sarah and Payton
( Mother and daughter who was also a young basketball player )

Author — Berry Cool


Bottom line is, when they left John Wayne airport everything was fine including the weather and visibility. Air traffic was heavy so the chopper had to circle around Burbank. As he traveled further north into more mountainous areas, thick fog was present, which he may not have been expecting. He thought he could fly above it, changed his mind and tried to descend below it, not knowing how close he was to the terrain and hills.
He may not have seen it at all before impact.

Author — Frank Zito


Dropped 300 feet sounds like a malfunction to me. Regardless they shouldn't have been flying in that fog. Bad judgment played a part.

Author — Phrank


Every thing that flies should have Taws and black boxes and voice recorders.

Author — S Chao


This would have not happened if they just checked the weather

Author — THE FUNNY GUY 18


Fog kills. Shoulda been grounded. Simple. Quit trying to complicate things.

Author — Thomas Garipoli


It’s already Wednesday and I’m still sad over this...

Author — FunkNatives


Title: New info about the crash that killed Kobe
Video: “We still don’t know anything yet”

Author — P33V3R


this is why im scared of going onto a plane 😔

Author — Christine Zhao