History of The Red Hulk

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Today on Variant, we put the spotlight on one of Bruce Banner's greatest opponents, with the comic book History of the Red Hulk!

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💬 Comments

I'd love to see Rulk in the MCU someday

Author — Just Some Guy without a Mustache


I like the whole “history of” book clip. This channel is developing really nicely

Author — Jasonn ***


It's funny how his mustache goes on and off every transformation. The ultimate shave machine.

Author — Felipe Meneses


Crazy to think Red Hulk is actually a relatively recent addition to the comics.

Author — George Magee


Question: couldn’t they have given him a better name? Red Hulk sounds like what I’d call him if I forgot his actual name. Other than that, he’s pretty good.

Author — Dumpster McGee


Not to mention Bruce being with his daughter is that little extra salt on the wound

Author — Burningforyou 60


Here’s the real question, why the hell doesn’t he have a killer stache after transformation?

Author — Corey McClammy


I just wanna know, where his mustache goes when he turns into the red hulk.

Author — Jargon Taylorzzz


Thaddeus Ross: “The Hulk’s no hero! He’s an unstoppable monster and must be captured in order to learn more about him to prevent these kinds of monsters from wreaking havoc on our country again!”

Also Thaddeus Ross: *creates his own gamma monsters and commits treason to turn himself into a Hulk

Author — Marvel Geek


Now I want to see a History of both She-Hulk & Red She-Hulk.

Author — SnapClub


Loving this channel. It’s given me so much insight on so many of my favorite characters and their respective comics.

Author — Extract Reality


I always think that comics are uncreative when it comes to villians most of them are just the different color version of the heroes but after 7 years I've realised that they were uncreative back then but they have really made most of these former boring villain into amazing characters

Author — Bruh momento


Feels good to see you Arris! A viewer from back when this channel was under 1M. Always love the content!

Author — Dharya Puri


Bro u missed some fundamental things about his creation. Like he was created with a cocktail of Gamma and the Power Cosmic on purpose, hence his ability to absorb cosmic radiation. plus he has low level cosmic awareness and acid spit. And his weaknesses were built into him on purpose to control him what the means he can probably reverse them. Be

Author — Michael Tuitt


Is it just me that thinks we need a history of the leader

Author — Kyle Sam


Just followed this channel earlier today and already watched about 20 videos. So glad to get a brand new one today :)

Author — DonkeyPuncher1976


Red Hulk is one of my favorite characters to this day! I've got a question. Do you guys think that if Ross was able to control his emotions and be level headed, AT ALL TIMES, he would be the strongest of them all?
Basically, I think the most incompatible person to become "The Red Hulk" is Thunderbolt Ross! And people like him.

Author — BlueIra 9


Can you do history of the Bat family like Alfred Pennyworth, Batwing, Flame Bird, Batwoman, Azrael, Signal (Duke Thomas), Bluebird, Stephanie Brown and Carrie Kelly?

Author — Quentin Fogger


Should have talked about the time he was the Spirit of Vengeance, Venom and Hulk at the same time.

Author — BadSituation


I stopped reading comic books when they got too expensive back in the mid 1990's, and while I don't regret it since I don't like what they have done with many characters, I do sometimes miss it. Thanks for allowing me to catch up without having to purchase or read a ton of books.

Author — Warlock11206