Kayaking the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia

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Kayaking the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia 5

Sea Kayaking the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia.
Home to the world's highest tides, these can truly only be experienced by kayaking and camping on the shores. We paddle through the Three Sisters and other magnificent arches, stacks and structures on the Canadian East Coast.

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Kayaking Bay of Fundy Transcript:

Well, we're here with Nova Shores
Adventures on a two-day kayaking trip

it's been really great here on the Bay
of Fundy because we've got to see the

landscape at both low tide and high time
which is drastically different

We've landed here at Seal Cove and we've
seen the weather change from beautiful

sunny days to foggy days to beautiful
morning's like this. It's a really great

way to take in the beauty of the Bay of

wow that was a really cool experience to
kayak on the Bay of Fundy we went out to

the Three Sisters and the Sun magically
came out and lit them up for us then as we

were paddling back the fog came and its
really ominous very cool to just see it

rolling in almost we think that ghost ship is just around the corner

You can go for a hike after kayak as well

Cheers to a good day, Cheers

We're camping on the Bay of Fundy

We see some seals, be very quiet, be very quiet

Well there you have it the Three sisters
behind me here at low tide is a very

cool time to be here you can see the
base of them.

This is an excellent view of the Three Sisters and a Pillar!

I don't know why they don't call it the Four Sisters, it's the Three Sisters

The Three Sisters are a magnificent rock
formation on the Bay of Fundy.

Local Mi'kmaq legend states that powerful god Glooscap

Turned his three sisters into stone when he

left the land and bade them to remain until his return

Behind me is Elephant Rock. It really looks like an elephant

When it's high tide you

can actually kayak right through that
so we will be back.

So there's the elephant that we walked to earlier

now you can paddle through it. Incredible

Just shows the power of these tides.

The Bay of Fundy has the world's highest tides

moving more than 100 billion tons of
water every six hours and 13 minutes

that's more flow than all the world's
freshwater rivers combined.

The tides range 35 to 55 feet

Every Day

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What a wonderful experience! Absolutely exciting I love the foggy scene and camping site. Hopefully someday me and my family can do the same.

Author — 人间玩童 David Chen


Great video. I love it when the weather cooperates and you get to fully experience a place! It's crazy how different the landscape is from high to low-tide!!

Author — Perfect Little Planet


Fun to see your video of a fun spot I have also paddled in and around! Thanks!

Author — ckayaker


Absolutely beautiful nature and informative video. What a great adventure you guys :)

Author — vikinggoesglobal