Review: Burley Coho XC Trailer

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 years ago

In this vid, I review the Burley Coho XC Trailer, a truly burley and engineered bike trailer!

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Curious as to your long term thoughts after a couple of years. Do you still like it? Do you still use it much? Do you prefer this or a 2 wheeled trailer for your around town use? Thanks and keep up the tremendous vids. All the best to Laura!

Author — Rick Cummins


I could totally see this for a fishing trailer. One thing that wasn't mentioned in the video is that this trailer will work with both quick release and thru axles.

Author — Jennifer Anderson


For me, this would be perfect for getting groceries. And I like the single wheel just for the fact that he keeps everything narrow.

Author — Keith Petersen


hey! great video! was wondering how the weight distributes. is it fairly even between the rear bike wheel and the trailer or does one get more than the other? got those high-pressure low-volume tires and i'm kind of a heavy dude, i'm afraid something like this might push my rear wheel over the edge. thoughts?

Author — Debra Sue


What I'm suspicious about is Burley's tarp design for load carrying surfaces and the pin interlocking system. I put my gear through a lot of use, and I can see these wear out / getting damaged pretty quickly.

Author — HotelPapa100


I have a brompton I take with me in my semi truck and I hooked this to it for going to get food, worked out great. Both fold up and stow away nicely. Another cool piece of gear based on your knowledge, thanks.

Author — DezDawg


I am a sailor and have a Montique Aston folding bike and the Coho XC and they work great together. Fit in the dinghy and assemble easy easily. Put 2 20 # fast bottles in go. Great review

Author — Daniel Pearson


Good review, Russ. Thanks! This thing looks pretty cool. I've always been wary of these types of trailers, but if I were to buy one, it would be this.

Author — Roger Sim


I own a double bass and was wondering if this could fit it. It would save me tons of money even at that price point. Does anyone know if this is super secure for the items in the trailer?

Author — Ben PM


I recently went burley with the cargo, love it, use it for my dog and groceries, this I may end up getting for hauling wood and my power tools like my skillsaw and drill and boxes of screws. I am an apartment dweller

Author — Real Chris


The advantage is that this gets weight off of your wheels, and lowers your center of gravity. Well worth the money if you do any camping on a bicycle. Out here in the flat midwest, this would be would allow me to put everything into a small waterproof duffle, and I could still use my trunk bag that has panniers to keep things readily accessable (like a a rain jacket or your food for the day).

Author — StormLaker1975


Bought a Rad mini e-bike 3months ago great bike for me fits my needs. I am an artist and like to get out in Sonoma, Napa and here home- Benicia, CA. Currently I am looking for a trailer thanks for the info! I like how you stick to the facts subjective and otherwise while keeping the story in the background. Wonderful balance very well presented!

Author — Daniel Lopes


If you are thinking about one just make sure to buy the adapter first and check if it will fit your bike. If you have a thru axle ensure that you get the thread pitch correct. This trailer is absolutely great.

Author — Alex Roam


My first trailer was a bob yak... still have it. though it is RARELY used now that I have an xtracycle. This thing looks AMAZING. So many smart ideas that eliminate the hassle of the earlier trailers. Pretty cool. I don't even need a trailer, and this made me want one.

Author — David Pulsipher


I ride a recumbent and pull a Burley Nomad. Love the trailer I've used it for grocery shopping, camping and fishing, any time I need too carry a load that wont feit into panniers. I have the luggage rack for mine. Even used one for RAGBRAI. Good channel. I subbed.

Author — James Hart


It looks a bit like an improved Bob Yak trailer. I bodged a rear rack on mine, but kickstand, easier attachment and the option of a wider tire look great. Maybe it's the kickstand and the lever for the couplers that cause the weight difference compared to the Yak.
If I had to chose a trailer now, I'd probably take this one, but I don't expect my Yak to brake anytime soon.

Author — Jochen Kraus


I can't explain how excited I was when seeing it has a kickstand! Nice review

Author — Lramirez194


I like touring with a single wheel trailer and front panniers. I had a bob trailer, I liked it. can't wait to try out the Burley Coho XC trailer!!!😎

Author — Stuart LaBrosse ((Natural Born Bikepacker!!))


I'm looking for the best bike trailer that can be used for backpacking as well, and which isn't necessarily designed for hundred pound loads or light strolls in the park.
One that I can fold up and carry on my back and use to take my 35 to 50 pound max backpack up and down the steepest climbs of the Appalachian trail.

Author — William Penn jr.


For heavier riders it is a good option for not overloading the rear wheel. By heavier I mean 225 lb / 16 stone / 100 kg where rear tire load becomes critical.

Author — Ralph Griesenbeck