Infinity Gauntlet In Thor Ragnarok Movie Scene | Marvel Thor Ragnarok 2017

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Infinity Gauntlet In Thor Ragnarok Movie Scene | Marvel Thor Ragnarok 2017 4.5
Loki took tesseract in Thor Ragnarok Scene!!.
Hela visits Asgard when she goes to the palace he found amazing things in Odin's treasure room.In Odin's treasure room she found Infinity Gauntlet which will be in Marvel Avengers: Infinity War.
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Looks at one of the six infinity stones.

Hela: Meh

Looks at some fire in the corner of the room


Author — Ro


Hela see infinity stone: not bad
Hela see the inifity gauntlet: *fake*

Thanos: Am I a joke to you?

Author — Mєρн Ao


She looks at one infinity stone :not bad

Thanos looks at one

Author — Gus Burdeu


Thanos: that infinity gauntlet is mine!

Hela: *Fake*

Author — Dennys Ryan Leonard


Hela- Fakee
Thanos- Is that a personal attack or something ?😂😂

Author — G’s- Ceez


Hela: defeated Thanos

Avengers: ...

Author — PotatoHead93007


Frost Giants : * tries to get blue glowing ice box for ages *
Hela with the blue glowing ice box next to her : " weak"
Frost Giants : are we a joke to you ?

Author — Ajay Basdeo


If Thor did serious damage to Thanos in Infinity War, imagine Hela as she is way more powerful.

Author — KING


I hope MCU will bring back "Hela - Goddess of death"

Author — Avengers Arena


I want to see Hela in action again... And become partner with galactus and maybe with dornamu too and maybe adam warlock can join too...😂

Author — Hatta Ibrar


now that she has the eternal flame, it is time to make all the Dark Souls jokes we can think of

Author — Wise One1494


Maybe just me, but I've never been more attracted to Cate until the black hair & eyeshadow

Author — stupreme


Hella is the strongest villain I think she survived from the ragnarok

Author — Lee Sën


After a while,
A Purple raisin floating in space steals the gauntlet

Author — Arsa


Hela: *looks at infinity gauntlet with 6 stones... FAKE*

Hela: *looks at one of 6 stones not bad..*

Author — Chaleonn


You know Hela is strong AF when she calls the tesseract
“not bad”

Author — GameFox601


" looks at one of 6 Infinity Stones, which together can destroy half the universe"

Hela : Not bad...

Author — nah shon


Thanos: “Fine, I’ll do it myself.”
*sees Hela come back*
Thanos: ...I’ll see how this plays out first *sits back down*

Author — Noah Jones


Hela: "Smaller than I thought it would be..."

*You just know she wasn't only talking about Surtr's helmet.* 😂

Author — fruitea m


0:43 100% "fake" reminded me of the old lady in emperors new groove

Author — StupidCommenter69