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California Rolls Back Reopening | The Daily Social Distancing Show 5

California shuts down many of its businesses again in response to growing coronavirus cases, and Trevor looks back at other premature coronavirus victory laps. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #Coronavirus

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💬 Comments on the video

I feel bad for the poor soul on the Daily Show team who has to go through hours of Fox and Trump for us. A real hero.

Author — Mia


I have never heard anyone ever say "we should follow the successes of Florida."

Author — acLewBert


I still can’t get over about how stupid and outrageous these Fox News and Republican statements are.

Author — Bruh Society


Coronavirus: "The only thing I'm trying to get entangled with is your lungs." 😂😂😂

Author — Ajayi samuel


When Florida is leading the way, u know something is wrong

Author — Cass Zhang


Everyone is entitled to being stupid but Trump supporters really abuse the privilege

Author — aeroambrose


They laughed at us in New York. Now we laugh at them, we’re almost completely open because we took precautions, even if it was a pain in the butt for some impatient people.

Author — Dulce Amada


I’m just confused people are more concerned about being about to “get out of the house” than the thousands of people getting sick and dying.

Author — Billee Elizabeth


They chose money over people and made the wrong call. 🙄

Author — uknow who


Fortunately for Faux News, their viewers have less memory than a goldfish.

Author — wooster


How to tell if you're on the wrong side of history: "Florida is leading the way"

Author — EngiKnight


Meanwhile in other parts of the world, 5G is said to be causing Karenovirus....

Author — Ray Mak


"The Corona virus isn't bored of us. People are like did you hear about Will and Jada? Corona says the only thing I'm trying to get entangled with is your lungs!"
Exactly, Trevor. Exactly. 💛💚💙

Author — Jennifer Robinson


140 000 dead americans from the virus.... trump: "i take no responsibility"

Author — Ralius


While in other parts of the world, they have ACTUALLY managed the virus properly and their people are slowly going to school/work

Author — Lwj Awwx


Fox doesn’t even remember what they said now. 😆😆😆😆😆😆

Author — Yaya’s Living


“California, home to the most gorgeous Emmys voters in the world.” I see what you're doing there. Good luck, Trevor. 😉

Author — Zinc Tong


California: closes everything down for safety

Florida: *reopens Disney world*

Author — SomeRandom60%er


I'd like apologies to New York and New Jersey. Thank you.

Author — R O


America has become such a joke and an embarassment

Author — TheDeluche