Arsenal legends Seaman, Merson and Groves open up about their battles with mental health

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 years ago

Arsenal legends David Seaman, Paul Merson and Perry Groves open up about their battles with mental health and discuss what life was really like during their glory years as part of the Heads Up campaign.


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I'm so proud men have started to open up. I'm 36 and had problems but never dreamed about talking about it but when you see legends do it then you feel you can cause you respect them

Author — Rebel 7


"you don't know yourself how can you know someone else?" Wise words from Merson.

Author — john peter sloan


Thanks for being open lads. We see too many men afraid to speak up because it's seen as "unmanly" or some nonsense. Top blokes. Hopefully will do people favours that are struggling 💪🏼

Author — Speedystig


I'm a Liverpool fan, but it makes me sad to see these football legends tell how down they were at the height of their fame and after. I hope that they know now that they can talk to people if/when feeling down. These dark days need to be left behind when people were too afraid to express themselves.

Author — Cam Era


Massive respect to these ex-Gooners. (And I’m a Tottenham supporter since 1961).

Author — Brian E


It must take a herculean amount of mental strength to go out in front of a baying crowd every week knowing that all eyes are on you. To do it while struggling with mental health issues is on another level entirely, so fair play to these guys.

Author — Mr K


Thanks so much for opening up like this guys 🙏🙏 you’ll have done the world of good for quite a few people that needed to hear this. You’re greater legends because of it. God bless you

Author — Damian Davids


Paul I hope you read this, you’re a top bloke. I always look forward to soccer Saturday. Good man!!

Author — H R


Met Paul where I used to work, he was there giving a speech on how alcohol changed his life, absolutely top bloke, down to earth as they come

Author — Jack O'Malley


I’m nearly 6 months into my new sober life, and I identified with a lot Merson said. Very insightful video, I wish them all well.

Author — Michael McCann


Paul Merson is so brave for speaking out

Author — welshhibby


Sounds like three guys who have learned some valuable life lessons and big enough to share.

Author — Kam Jaspal


3 Arsenal legends! Our best ever goal keeper, the magic man Merse who’s came through the ranks to become a world class midfielder and Groves nephew of Vick, a pacy winger Graham bought for peanuts from Colchester! They always cared about the club and the crest and gave 100% to AFC! 😀👍🏻

Author — Raphael Rau


Fantastic interview from these 3 legends, one of the best ive ever seen on metal health, and Paul Merton, you are the man for opening up like that, a true hero, as are all of you.

Author — Rob Moore


merse was my childhood hero playing football, so I always will defend him when idiots online have a pop. Nobody knows what people go through with mental health issues, I am glad attitudes are changing now.

Author — Matt devereux


I love all 3 of these players, proud they all played for Arsenal during a great time for our club.

Author — Jj L


Videos like these are amazing, it helps so many people open up about there mental health (me included) to have your idols being so open and confident with speaking out is beyond inspirational

Author — Brogan Reilly


This is brilliant, a great conversation! Well done lads!

Author — 46Dixey


Maximum respect for their open views on mental health. I still find it hard to believe that people like Roy Keane can ruthlessly lay into young players and still think it’s ok. People like that have no idea what it can do to someone’s mental health.

Author — Runaway Plane


Arsenal legends, thanks for the big shift lads. We need our team to learn respect for our club.