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The Great Plague (Black Death Documentary) | Timeline 4.5

The Great Plague of 1665 killed 100,000 Londoners – one in three of the people living in the city. While kept diaries have provided terrifying testaments to the horrors of that summer, other stories have been hidden in the archives of London churches for centuries. Rare documents unearthed in some of the cities oldest places of worship now tell the story of what it was like for an ordinary person, more often than not living in poverty, as the plague swept through London. This factual drama follows the lives of those living in Cock and Key Alley, one of the dank and dismal yards squeezed between Fleet Street and the Thames – and brings to life 17th Century London at one of its most frightening moments.

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From the original documentary, The Great Plague.

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I have to say: The video quality was amazing for being over 300 years old.

Author — Onyx1916


I’ve heard someone say that soap is the most important invention of all time. I think they may be right.

Author — Anonymous Annie


Amazing to see how the reaction to a pandemic has not changed all that much in 500 years. At first denial, then a case here, there, then everywhere. Then people flee. Those who can afford to. Enforced isolation. Neighbors watching neighbors. The poor urban suffer the worst. All sorts of misinformation. Wow....

Author — moonspots01


600 years later, someone will be watching the Great COVID19 of 2020

Author — Chams Ali


I swear from now on every time i start to complain about my lifestyle im gonna remeber these people and appreciate every little damn thing i have😭

Author — angelica Ramirez


Wow, the makeup artists deserve an industry award for this.

Author — kayper


People in 1665 were not that stupid, isolation, travel ban, fumigation, trader's not handling money, only if they knew about rats and cats thought

Author — firas aswad


I feel bad for the guy dedicated to giving the dead a proper burial only to be thrown away like trash. May he and all the victims Rest In Peace along with the people currently dying from Corona.

Author — Stefan Snellgrove


The celebrities "quarantining" in their estates during a pandemic who think that singing a John Lennon song will get rid of their fan's struggles deserve a special nickname: "1665 London Clergypeople".

Author — Jimmy Crisp


I can’t even imagine how bad these people smelled

Author — Ari W


Terribly sad, but expertly told story - makes COVID-19 look like a walk in the park

Author — T Jacobs


In a few hundred years, they'll be reading about and discussing us...right now.

Author — Evan T


Am I the only one watching documentaries to actually learn something or ?

Author — SoBiteYourTongueAndChokeYourselfToSleep


Only a few weeks ago, I was annoyed because of the smallest things. Now I have a whole different perspective.

Author — 5-minute-Witness


The cameraman should've given them antibiotics

Author — Edward Bliss


"Ring around the roses
Pocket full of posies
Ashes, ashes
We all fall down"

Author — atwaterpub


Anybody here because of the Spanish flu?

Author — Philippe Beauvais


Damn the camera man was really brave to experience this and the camera quality is great too 👌

Author — Sead


Crazy this happened in 1665 and then the Great Fire of London swept through the city in 1666. Not a good time to be an inhabitant of London.

Author — USAR8888


..., ”All cats in the City are to be

....And by that one decree, they killed the very animal that could have been their salvation....

Author — Gayle Elizabeth