Music of Memes **REMASTERED** (1700-2017)

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Music of Memes **REMASTERED** (1700-2017) 5

420% of more nostalgia!
4% educational video!
2% music!
0% useless!

(Original Idea from JordiTK)

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Did this guy just called Lose Yourself “Mom’s Spaghetti”?

Edit : I understood it was just a parody. Now I know why he called it Mom’s Spaghetti

Re-Edit : Thanks for the likes, it kills me, just like my father

Автор — DavidB


0% Drugs
0% Nudity
69% Nostalgia
100% Copyright
420% Great Memes

Автор — The Coded Crusader


Rickrolling is a meme that will never die and you can’t tell me otherwise

Автор — Lost_ Jörgen


This was all just an elaborate way to rick roll everyone.

Автор — Seth Pond


I love how most people didnt even realize that they got Rick rolled

Автор — Sanad dodokh


I wonder how many copy right strikes this man got.

Автор — Rexlog _


Parents: The internet is filled with predators and kidnappers!
The internet:

Автор — Zero Two


Uptown funk those were the good days

Next one plays:

Me: no these were the good times

Автор — Seagull


0:00 Messiah
0:05 Eine Kleine Nachmusik
0:12 Overture
0:23 Symphony No. 9
0:30 Orphèe Aux Enephers
0:37 Soviet Anthem
0:52 Let’s Twist Again
0:59 Sound of silence
1:06 Living In The Sunlight
1:11 Summertime
1:18 Bohemian Rhapsody
1:21 Troll song
1:30 Rasputin (Russian Anthem)
1:37 Escape (The Piña Colada Song)
1:41 Da Da Da
1:56 Our house
2:02 Sweet dreams
2:13 Fichtl’s Lied (German anthem)
2:25 Careless whisper
2:47 Keyboard cat
3:10 Hello
3:17 You spin me right round
3:33 Take on me
3:52 Never gonna give you up
4:01 Don’t worry be happy
4:13 Yee
4:22 U can’t touch this
4:36 Kazoo Kid
4:39 Thunderstruck
4:49 Guile’s theme
4:53 And I will always love you
5:09 Serbia stronk
5:24 What is love
5:28 Scatman
5:34 Mr Boombastic
5:39 Ievan polka
6:00 X files theme
6:07 Spooky scary skeletons
6:12 I believe I can fly
6:26 Ocean man
6:41 Tunak tunak
6:58 Do you believe in love
7:04 All star
7:14 Darude sandstorm
7:22 All around me are familiar faces
7:33 Bodies
7:49 Moms spaghetti
7:59 Hey ya
8:05 Save me
8:17 Dragostea din tea
8:34 Holloback girl
8:39 The mine song
8:48 Cooking by the book
9:11 Ridin
9:18 I’ll keep holding on
9:23 What what
9:29 Shooting star
9:41 Epic sax guy
9:48 Friday
10:13 Nyan cat
10:29 Bibi Hendel (Chicken Yoedeling)
10:36 Vapor wave
10:43 Gangnam style
10:52 Royals
10:54 Rappin for Jesus
11:05 Rap god
11:10 What does the fox say
11:19 Turn it down for what
11:42 Uptown funk
11:52 We are number one
12:04 Hotline bling
12:13 Tri poloski
12:28 Dance til your dead
12:52 It’s everyday bro

Автор — Woohoob


Rip Tiny tim
Rip Freddie Mercury
Rip George Michael
Rip Keyboard cat

Автор — Kurt Cobain


*[Communism Has Joined The Server]*
*[“Only Communist Kids Will Remember In 1944”]*

Автор — Vladimir Putin


Me: *[Clicks to See Memes]*
*[Rick Astley Has Joined The Server]*
Me: *[I Got Rick Rolled]*

Автор — Vladimir Putin


Y'all definitely need to watch this rn 3:51

I'm not sorry

Автор — Poor Arabian Shaikh


"German anthem"
"Russian anthem"
Very accurate

Автор — dubbl


1984: ⚰️Keyboard Cat⚰️
2011: *Nyan Cat*
2018: _Bongo Cat_
2020: Doja Cat
????: Grumpy Cat

Автор — Gabri01ッ GG


No one
Absolutely no one:

1968: iM sO hApPy Im ThE lUcKy Me 😎😎

Автор — iiaetharii


Did this guy just call ra ra Rasputin the Russian anthem

Автор — Its Harry Newman.tf2


Teacher:ok class today where gonna learn about Russia
Girls: EW I don't like russia
Boys: 0:36
Did I made this a while ago I forgot lol

Автор — Benan Sanlier


1:34 ''Most people look at him with terror and with fear'' ''if you like pina coladas''

Автор — Lance Smith


Me: *tries to tell my crush my feelings until...

Crush: your like a brother to me 😊

Me jumping in a dumpster: 9:30