Japan: Trump, Putin, Xi and G20 leaders arrive for dinner at Osaka Castle

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Japan: Trump, Putin, Xi and G20 leaders arrive for dinner at Osaka Castle 4.5

US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin were the last to arrive at the ancient Osaka Castle for a formal dinner thrown in honour of G20 leaders and senior officials on Friday.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his wife Akie Abe welcomed the high-profile guests, which included Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Chinese President Xi Jinping, for the ceremony which concludes the first day of the G20 Summit.

Leaders of 19 of the most influential countries in the world and the European Union are meeting in Osaka on Friday and Saturday for the 14th Group of 20 summit to discuss climate change, free trade, and economic inequalities among other issues.

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I can't even begin to imagine the amount of security at an event like this.

Edit: WTF why does this have so many likes?

Author — Jason Bergman


all presidents: come with wives
Putin: comes with the boiz

Author — Pupok69


I know there's a lot of Ninja on the rooftop

Author — Aman Bhattacharjee


Putin doesn't need security.
Security needs Putin!

Author — Fan of many things


When a rich kid invites his rich friends at a sleepover

Author — Mizuki佑泉


Put all world leaders in the same place

Terrorist: that's interesting

Author — Kozuki Katsu


I just watched a 5 minute video of Presidents and Prime Ministers arriving at Osaka Castle.

Author — Pika


I’m not saying this just because it’s in Japan, but this feels like the start of an epic anime crossover

Author — Andrew Crompton


Abe's welcoming everybody like a father on his daughter's wedding.

Author — Nitin Agrawal


Sure the Germans arrive first 😄 it’s all about punctuality

Author — Stinni 72


Someone give me a country to rule so I can go to these fancy parties

Author — Qannter Melikov


Everyone : *Normal Walk*

Putin : *is that new meme*



I think we all need a little bit of that Japanese politeness.

Author — H̶araka


I like how everyone arrived in German cars.
*Happy Angela Merkel in background*

Edit:Everyone is in a S-Class gaurd limousine. Xi arrives in this Hongqui (G8 ig). Putin arrives in a Aurus Senat limousine. The Americans arrive in a special Cadillac called the beast.

Author — Ankur Sagale


These People can start a war

Yes the translators can

Author — Shubham Shrestha


Japanese prime minister actually stood on the entrance and welcomed everyone
Thats very polite

Author — abdullah abdulaziz


All present before 6:00 PM
Thrump enters at 11:00 PM

Author — my bad


Imagine someday, there will be a Martian President from Mars and everyone representing his/her country while the other guy represents a whole planet.

Author — Cratoz


Imagine Joe Biden coming to G 20 summit
" I love to congratulate PM Hideyki Tojo for organising the League of nations international conference in Osaka, Okhlahoma, US"

Author — Infamous Roy


The way XI walked into the castle is just priceless

Author — Vladimir Putin