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Stunt Driving Battle | Dude Perfect 5
It's time to get drifty!

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I hope Dude Perfect never breaks up the team like if you agree

Author — Will It Break !


Parallel park between the 2 car
Me: yeah that's fine mate

Author — What A Head


2019 anyone lol

Like if you are

Author — Kyle Clarkson


COMMENT if u watching in November 2019

Author — Shicken Wangs


I have an idea for a new series. Anyone can send in their best trick shots and Dude Perfect has to re-create them. Like if you want this to be a series so that Dude Perfect will see this comment.

Author — Adrian G


This is how many wins coby will get in the future

Author — Cameron Barrett


Who else is watching 2 years later, in 2019???

Author — Vsco Chef


Two cones and a Cadillac sounds like a name to a movie that I wouldn’t recommend watching

Author — 24Madelyne Phinney


You should do a Lazer tag challenge. Like if you agree

Author — Matthew Wolf


November 2019 and still watching! loveyou guys!

Author — Fernan Burgos X


I've tried to park my car like guys in video and got -2400$ on car repair!

Author — Cars Garage


This how many people still watch your videos in 2019

Author — Liz Don’t know


7:07 who else saw Garrett blocks Ty from breaking forward 😂😂 sneaky purple hoser

Author — Andrea Feng


Garrett knows the way, barely pass through the first 2 rounds, then destroy in the finale.😁

Author — Andrew Arreguin


Make a hunger games with paintball guns

Author — luuk Pennings


Ok, they said this is the 2017 stunt driving champion but, they didn’t do one for 2018 or 2019

Author — Brendan Wilson


Soy el comentario en español que estabas buscando:v



If anybody watching this in 2019 july like

Author — Rem Liana


Thumbs up for the camera crew😀
Like if you agree

Author — [K.O.T] KingOv Tigers


2019 anybody?

Like if you are

Author — MangoFish