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Stunt Driving Battle | Dude Perfect 5

It's time to get drifty!

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Music by Oh The Larceny
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💬 Comments on the video

I hope Dude Perfect never breaks up the team like if you agree

Author — Will It Break !


My strategy would be just break all boards and drive really fast

Author — Logan Wise


I have seen this multiple of times and I still say Cory's parking wasn't a parallel park

Author — Wizard Man


These guys are living the life. They get to hang out with friends, do cool stuff every month and not worry about money.

Author — Krish GABA


Who's here still watching this in 2020?

Author — can we hit 200 subs with no vidz


I have an idea for a new series. Anyone can send in their best trick shots and Dude Perfect has to re-create them. Like if you want this to be a series so that Dude Perfect will see this comment.

Author — Adrian G


Garret: I never strive to become the winner, but it’s a pleasant surprise whenever I do win.

Author — klgonz


Garrett knows the way, barely pass through the first 2 rounds, then destroy in the finale.😁

Author — Andrew Arreguin


2017: Ty: "All is right in the world again"
2020: Ty: "Yeet"

Author — Chase Witty


Parallel park between the 2 car
Me: yeah that's fine mate

Author — Wet Wipe


Purple hoser all the way. Garrett is my favourite I have to say

Author — Regina Floyd-Kerr


remember those cars when Cody brought fast cars use those to drift

Author — Gina Lazaro-Macabunga


Corys wasn't even parallel parking its called when you can't fit and u do that blocking half the street and ur car gets crushed by another car I think coby deserved to stay

Author — Grace Su


Two cones and a Cadillac sounds like a name to a movie that I wouldn’t recommend watching

Author — 24Madelyne Phinney


Somehow, Cody managed to put his head where his foot was meant to go and vice versa. That takes skill.

Author — Fey Akinwumi


Who is watching this for the second time but it’s still awesome

Author — Clint Ochoa


BREAKING NEWS🔴: I was team coby but now I’m officially switching back to team ty

Author — Armed Child


Let's take the moment that Cody never left 3rd

Author — WizenedTick6


This is how many wins coby will get in the future

Author — Bird Tales Pakistan


Ty: not bad score
Cody: gets a perfect score

Author — Cameron Jones