7 Cool Dog Accessories & Gadgets You Must Have

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- 7 Cool Dog Accessories 2018 & Gadgets Links :-

The delightfully smart, fun and wicked bone that will keep your dog entertained all day

This nifty device automatically opens your sliding door for your dog and includes a sensor with two tags and the drive system.

The SmartFeeder feeds your pet the right amount at the right time, automatically!

dog Bathing in the Palm of Your Hand

HD 1080p Video Camera for Pet Monitoring. Two-Way Audio, Wi-Fi, Night Vision. For Dogs and Cats.

Revolutionary Illuminated and Reflective Harness for Dogs Including Multicolored LED Fiber Optics (USB Rechargeable, Rainproof).

With GPS and activity tracking features, the LINK AKC Intelligent Dog Collar will make any pet feel special.


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Autoslide isn't that great if you're worried about someone coming into your house. A dog will most likely run to the door the intruder is coming to and the door will slide right open.

Author — akita


These are awesome, many prayers/blessings, thank you!

Author — gale jones


I’m thinking about the wickedbone, it would be perfect for my dog. Since my family is so busy, nobody plays with him. We really need that.

Author — Cool GoldenFreddy


So cute the golden retriever in the first idea

Author — Market Premiun


These pet accessories are really good. Checkout other accessories for our pets which will provide extra care for pets with never ending love to them . Posh Puppy Boutique

Author — Sharon Jones


Ok...so lemme get this straight, your dog knocked over a bowl of oranges and you gave him a treat?! XD

Author — Sunny Paradise


Hey everybody, this toy is amazing. it keeps my dog entertained for hours. I purchased it from amazon but I had to return. There was an issue with the Bluetooth. I bought the same from clawbuddy. com with free shipping.

Author — hugydefrin


My pomeranian loves WickedBone. He just goes INSANE running when i put it on the floor. And he runs as fast as sonic even tho he is only 3 months old😂😂😂

Author — A.


I paid more attention on those cute dogs rather than those gadgets...

Im weird right?

Author — Vengeance GM


they make a different kind of gadget but why they didnt make a translator collar

Author — Nygel Cogonon


With the pet color harness they should give a owner one two THAT WOULD VE COOL

Author — K9GAMINGYT Yee


I feel like cats will love the wickedbone more than the dogs 😂

Author — Jalen


2:52 its called owning a dog and why not get a doggy door

Author — FMR Art


I think number 6 is a great idea if your dog gets lost in the night

Author — Tristan Robilliard


Looking for a toy that will exercise a dog while im at work. I have a 3 story home and live alone. is there a gadget that will make the dog hunt inside the home to keep him busy while I'm away?

Author — Slick Willy


Can anyone tell me downsides of wicked bone?? Can it be harmful?

Author — skelo Ramirez


After I bought a Wicked Bone for my dog, whom i fell in love with, its obvious, I'll need a special Home Bone when i get married for my wife, or she will find a "bone" of her own while I'm at work for 12 hours a day.

Author — Hedgehog's Right of Passage


pets needs love and responsibility not all that tech shit

Author — well done


What is the light up harness company called

Author — Isabella Beds


Hey bro please make a video of dog collars with chain

Author — Sreenivasan Puthiyetti