Endocrinology | Adrenal Gland: Aldosterone

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Ninja Nerds!

Join us in this four part lecture series on the adrenal gland, also known as the suprarenal gland. During this lecture, Professor Zach Murphy will be talking about the zona glomerulosa and the main hormone it secretes, aldosterone. We hope you enjoy this lecture and be sure to support us below!

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Really indebted to u brother.. may good bless you .. ur awesome.. great way of service to humanity via providing education for free.. god will always bless u brother . No words to express my immense gratitude to u brother ...

Author — Pavan reddy


I haven't been interested in watching your videos before because I thought they were too long, and I am stressed with time, but I gave one video a chance, and I love how well everything is explained. It's super detailed, and super easy to understand. Good job and thank you for these awesome videos.

Author — Kholoud Houssaini


Sir I can't see anywhere like u
Because u have covered almost all difficult topics and made easier for us
Superb lecture multi talented sir
Keep doing one day u have a very great success u can't imagine it
So thank you sir

Author — Nandan Nayak


I’m a medical student in Sudan ..Somehow you are a big part of my academic success story which defines my whole life ...thanks Zack god bless you 🤎

Author — Oobaa Lgadi


you're amazing bro! you make it even easier to understand, really helping me for the exam! wishing you tons of good things!

Author — Shine


So so helpful! I'm currently doing a project on aldosterone and this was an awesome resource!

Author — Eleni


Thank you for taking the time to integrate everything. You continue to be a big factor of my success! Much love!

Author — Marc Hendricks


Its a great video, really enjoyed it!
There is one small error, angiotensin 2 works by the IP3 pathway not cyclic AMP-thats for ACTH!

Author — Fatima B


Everything makes sooo much sense when you explain! Thank you so much!

Author — R Lima


I'm taking regularly physiology lectures from dear. You're awesome. God bless you. Your lectures are insane and hardly informative, these help me out during my 1st medical year. Thank you so much. ❤❤❤❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏🙏



That means to be a good teacher. I mean a lot of guys here on yt explain this stuff but it is about passion .. You feel what you teach and that is why the information is easy for us to understand.

Author — Ionut Carabageac


You are so great at teaching, this helped me immensely! Thank you!

Author — R J


Thank you so much! Great teaching method and great job simplifying things.. Super helpful!!

Author — Sh M


This has been so helpful! Thank you so much!! I will be sharing your channel with all my pharmacy friends :)

Author — Bianca Rojo


Extremely great explanation ❤️
Thank you 🙏🏻

Author — fawzieh sharabati


Superb❤️ 👌 thanks for this type of amazing lectures ❤️🙏 u actually covered tha whole difficult topic in just one vedio and unbelievably covered each and every thing ❤️🙏🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰

Author — Malaika Muskan


Incredible work brother.
You have changed a lot of people's life academically.Immense love and gratitude to you.You teacher has made my understanding to concepts soo much easier.Never stope uplaoding much information and saving our lives.

Author — madhu shree


Ohh man!! U r just awesome ❤️❤️.. really no words can describe you..U make the subject so clear and interesting..huge respect to u🙇🏻‍♀️..Nnn THANKS ALOT!!

Author — Sonali Bolishetti


Thank you sir .
This video is very informative and simple to understand

Author — 129 - Tejaswi Lingabathula


I loved your vedios ..thanks for making it so simple and understandable ..I used ur vedios in my presentation and my professor loved it ...thank you ..#stayblessed

Author — Shifa Shaikh