Greek Islands: Santorini, Mykonos, and Rhodes

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The best place in earth. The food the history the people everything. God bless this land.

Author — Navaxo Alàska


My wife and I have been to quite a few country's around the world from Jamaica to Thailand to Dubai to Mexico also lots of europe, .. and by far our favourite is Greece It's the best place you can ever wish to go, ,

Author — Chris Done


This is a dream job. Going to amazing places and getting paid for it

Author — Andrew Maxwell


I was stationed in Greece for two years in the military. I loved every minute of it 💕

Author — Gina Williams


I can't get enough of the white washed buildings! Beautiful!

Author — Aqua abagail


Fantastic video Rick! The history is rich in Greece! In love with the country!

Author — Ross and Bek


We have 6.000 thousands islands in Greece santorini mykonos and rhodes is only 3 of them ..

Author — London Power


A place for love and peace. This is the Gods place. Greece.

Author — Georgios The Greek


Two years ago on Santorini I saw Rick sitting at the table with wine while talking to the camera. I saw the scene in this video. Thanks Rick for bringing the memory of the wonderful trip.

Author — Yoshito Nagai


The blue roofs and doors have been inspired by the Greek flag indeed. Rumour has it that during the German occupation during WWII, it was not allowed to fly the Greek flag. Therefore they painted their houses white and blue as an act of resistance.

Author — Dutch Baseball Hangout


This is my Greece;)) I was just there few weeks ago, iam 50 percent Greek, I love love the ppl the food the living the peace the beauty the history is one of my favorite, need to go back 💕💕

Author — Jeannette Diaz


This guy has been showing me the world, since I can remember. Thank you Steve, you are truly inspiring. 😎👌

Author — sean tellier


Really enjoyed this video. I went on a cruise also which covered Athens, Santorini, Mykanos and Rhodes, really beautiful places to visit. The sunset at Santorini is one of the most wonderful sights to see. Thankyou Rick for bringing this memory of the Greek islands back to me.

Author — Ednam Mansfield


I just got back from these places, worth every penny!

Author — Caitlin O'Donnell


Nothing is perfect but Europe is just beautiful! ✅☀️🌸

Author — Sweet November


Alle three island are formidable, quote history, unobstructed view, calm and pleasant peaple. It, s very beautiful.

Author — Ekaterina Kozokarou


I feel in love with this land long time ago and I'm still in love 25 years later

Author — HTL REAL


Can't see thr attraction of bring on a shipbwith 3000 others with a rushed itenirary

Author — Allen Saunders


Had lunch in Greece today (well, while having lunch here in California) but I felt like I was there and I had the Greek salad too... ahahaha... so fun.

Author — Ms. Christian


I love your t-shirt Rick the color is just so beaitiful, wear more of those colors, they are so beautiful and bring joy to the trip and you look gorgeous!:;))))

Author — Mary Fuentes