How to Use Adobe Audition for Music

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Does this mean you can use any noise and make it different notes? Like, if I record a vocal I can put it into any of the notes and it'll change according to the settings for that slot?

Author — Hairyfrankfurt


Audition just needs MIDI controller capability

Author — DEVUNK88


Mike Russell, i want to ask that is it possible to change the voice of Speaker X in a video with my own voice while keeping his same words same up downs of pitch but in my voice? is it possible or not if yes then how ?

Author — Muhammad Shahid


I just want to know how to record my vocal track while listening to my guitar track.

Author — Nico Laso


I used adobe audition too sir, my problem is always appear in the right bottom "detected drop sample" even i have same my sample rate in my focusrite and in my sound properties, advance.
Do you have any solution sir.
Tks a lot.
Sweet greetings from indonesia🙏

Author — Roles Dhianta Real Vlogs


at what db volume level do you record or make sure your meter audio level is at? Thank you 🙂

Author — Activate LA


Can you record music

using pc and earphones only.

Author — Muthukia Wachira


This vs. Logic. What are your thoughts?

Author — Silverlake Station