Poplar Drone 2018

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Poplar Montana Drone 2018

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I almost cried after watching this video. Some people may recognize my name. I was born in Poplar and grew up during the 1960's and 70's. Poplar was a bustling town. We had three grocery stores, a meat market, two drug stores (later just one but a real good one run by the Boulds family). Two Mercantile stores (Later one The Fort Peck Mercantile), a dry cleaners, bakery, Dr's. office on main street. Also a Dentist on main street, a toy and hobby shop, library, bank, two weekly newspapers (later one). A car repair and body shop, at least two convenience type stores (not the kind that sold gas but groceries and other things) sometimes up to five eating establishments, two car dealerships, a Gambles store, a consignment (second hand) store, a bowling alley, at least five gas stations, a hardware store, a couple of hair dressers and a main street barber. Many assorted churches and the unfortunate number of bars ( I don't want to sound hypocritical of bars they are businesses and my Grandfather owned one for many years but it killed him and alcohol has been a bad thing for the people both Native American and non-Native American). The schools were good with decent teachers. Also there was the A&S Tribal Industries that put a lot of people to work for a few years. I suppose I could go on but I won't and if I have forgotten anything I apologize. I still love Poplar and have many fond memories. Thank you for uploading this video.

Author — Kelly Reinlasoder


Yo- dud!Like~so unusual ! see u around~🥸

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