Montreal in Snow Storm Winter Feb 2016 - St Catherine , McGill College & Sherbroke Street

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Montreal in Snow Storm Winter Feb 2016 - St Catherine , McGill College & Sherbroke Street 5

On Feb 28 2016. Walking during a snow storm in Montreal Canada. Starting from Simpson Street, Down to Guy- Concordia, Walking over St Catherine Street to McGill College then back on Sherbroke to the Museum.

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This video is one of the few that gives a real feel for the city instead of most other over-produced glossy videos with vloggers talking too much. I be like bi&^h i dont wanna see ur face i want to see the place. And be quiet for a while.

Author — R Menon


Montreal is such an exciting, vibrant city. It's truly Canada's cultural capital.

Author — MrAlsfan5


Excellent video. I'm in Vancouver I'm thinking of moving there. Even though there's winter Montreal people are friendlier and things are more affordable. What's your advice?

Author — Fitness IQ


This a regular and normal snowfall and not a where you come from you rarely see snow so get used to it.

Author — A.M


I have been to Montreal Canada along time ago. I was there in the summer, however. Montreal is a very beautiful City 👍. I enjoyed visiting the city 😊. Thanks for posting this 👍.

Author — Snake99


7:02 - Hey, I've seen that statue before, in an Encyclopedia Atlas of the World, for the country, Canada !

Author — ThorniMation


Montreal the most beautiful city in Canada❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Author — Jane James


Seeing this CITY makes me dream a lot.

Author — Mamadou Drame


I love this city. The city of my dreams! ❤️❤️❤️

Author — Marcelo Pereira


refreshing to watch on a hot summers day

Author — Michael James


Awesome video bro. Keep making new videos.

Author — Ahmed Sarker


مرحبا فيديو جميل شكرا لك اقدر ما تقوم به

Author — طلال الحربي


looks nice. good production too. not dramatised. seeing it for what it is. Is this a Sunday morning? i’m guessing it is.

Author — ajam49


You guys have your heating on all winter? Bills must be huge

Author — Greenfield121