Tenerife - The Queen of the Canaries

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Tenerife - The Queen of the Canaries 4.5
Santiago Mayanz has no time to contemplate the beauty of the sandy beach behind him: the chief of the animal rescuers of La Tahonilla wants to catch the green Anolis, a small lizard. This lizard species doesn't belong in this region and is indigenous to Cuba. Someone dumped ten to twelve animals on Tenerife and no one can foresee the consequences this could have for the local flora and fauna.

Juana Cabreira lives with her family at the foot of the Teide, in the fertile Orotava Valley. Every day, she hopes that the sun will break through the clouds, because then, her goats deliver double as much milk as normal. Every weekend, she can be found at the markets in the coastal towns, where she sells milk and cheese and other produce.

Almost 140.000 tons of bananas are produced on the island every year. For his banana wine, Carlos Guevara is on the lookout for especially mature perennials. There were man before him with the same idea, but Carlos is the first to come up with a very drinkable wine.

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Tenerife is 4 syllables: te ne ri fe(fay)

Author — lee53597


At 19:27 did he really use the word "peasants"?

Author — lem farba


Tenerife is an amazing place! Best weather you can wish for, nice people, I love it.

Author — Ross Angell


Wow, what an amazing documentary, a highly professional footage and the soundtrack is just genius! The Tenerife's residents are so frank, human and down to earth. So to say, off the beaten track and peel off all the tourist trap glamour and B.S. and here you are, the realife experience. Terse and to the point. Bravo, maestro!

Author — twinrg


Makes me fart hot wet and humid and very tasty 😋

Author — robin dewling


This very good video, thanks for sharing 👍 👍

Author — Teddles Peddles


My favorite. Good that now real Estate go down (hopes it drop more after Brexit), I will buy bunch of appartments at Costa Adeje.

Author — Land Lord


Candelaria the gem of the island? lmao

Author — Pablo


Will not work at over 8 euros a bottle, sweetie!

Author — Cristina Saralegui


I'm an Tenerife in Philippines my name is Jhat Rodmark D. Tenerife I didn't know that there's an Tenerife island Ya know

Author — Jhat Rodmark Tenerife


They catch moray eels? Why? Do they eat them?

Author — Lewis C.


Anyone knows where the farmer's market is held from the vid? I'd love to try Juana's goat cheese:)

Author — Marcin Scorozio


These people are just basically european cubans

Author — Jose Moran


He says there's only 2 people in the world who can make banana wine. And yet there are dozens of banana wine recipes on the internet! Now I know how and there are 3 of us.

Author — Doug Hoskovec


cool vid but I thought you would have shown more respect & pronounce its name right, , its Teneri..fay

Author — Wayne andrews


I'm Mexican and most of the translate was wrong and right and some things they didn't translate but I did like the video Anaheim Orange County California Remfisher

Author — Sandalio Chavez


And Gran Canaria is the KING of the Canaries !

Author — gertjan van der meij