MSR Elixir 2 setup outer first

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An easy technique to set up the MSR Elixir 2, with the flysheet first (and keep dry in the rain).

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Great video. it all used to frustrate me a little with this tent that it was not possible to build outer first in the rain as it really is the best tent I ever had other than that. I just went with all the reviews at the time that said it could not be done. Then like you I decided to give it a try and ofcourse it can. Your method for putting up the fly sheet is much better than mine so I shall be stealing that idea from you.
I have found it is possible to put up the inner from the inside without getting out. Bit complicated to explain but start at 1 end and attatch everything up to the 2 cross bar loops. Then turn to the right and do the far back corner. move back to the vestibule and complete the last corner. Voila, you finish sitting in the vestibule lovely and dry ;)

Author — Mark Aroundnabout


Such a good looking tent. This was one of the reasons that put me off a bit so knowing that it can be done is cool. Top job mate 💪

Author — Steelman Outdoors


Hello, hi 🤗 interesting to see, this as our tent of choice too atm. We have offen wondered but have never tried, so thanks for this 🏕👌👍 catch you soon, Ceri and Kat ❤☕

Author — Tea In Valhalla


It’s great all this preparation- we’re almost there, when we actually be adventurous again 👍

Author — Day Tripper


It works! Nice one mate 👍🏻 more laborious than the traditional method I bet

Author — Simon Outdoors


Ah very good. I appreciate the effort, however I'm still in 2 minds over this tent as I don't know if I can be bothered shaving every time I make camp.

Author — Chris66able


This is really helpful, considering buying one of these at the end of the year and was concerned about getting the inner wet if pitching in the rain.

Author — pig cat


Well done I tried this the other night in the rain it was a bugger so I gave up but you make it look easy.

Author — Carl Greene


Ha, I nearly tried my MSR pitch outer first today... the trouble I will have with my elixir 1 is that I have no second door, so will take a bit more gymnastics to do it, I know it can be done though. Cheers J good to see you, Lee

Author — Burton Outdoors


Nice mate, partners just purchased this tent in gray and red, looking forward to getting in it, also getting the 1 man version too, how's the Bobcat nowadays? I will proba ky sell mine now as my tent collection seems to be growing lol, take care, hope to see some kayaking adventures this year 😁🇮🇪

Author — John hilton


Impressed how quick you put the outer and inner . plus the time it took room get the different angles. I take forever to put my tents up. I will research this tent on the price and description. great video dude. thank you for making it.

Author — The Southern Woodsman UK


Lol marvelous practice for rainy days - ta for sharing stay safe and well sending regards xx

Author — Morrislouise Eagle


Interesting video. I never see what the big deal is about outer first. I’ve used msr hubba hubba in the rain and if you are speedy you don’t get much water on the inner. The thing to remember is if you have been out in the rain for a prolonged period of time you will be very wet yourself so when you get in the tent you bring a lot of water in with you whether it is inner or outer pitch first.

Author — Ipswich Cycler


Always good to know and practice if you was ever in a downpour. Can't be nice to have a wet inner setting up. The one reason I prefer tents that pitch all in one 😁

Author — Scout Man Steve


I’ve often wondered about inner first tents if it’s possible to do the outer first and if it’s worth the effort or not. Nice demonstration. You might want to double check the dates on camping mate. Pretty sure it’s not allowed until the 12th April.

Author — My Life Outdoors


Mission Success ✅

Will soon be field/beach testing this method 🤘😎

Author — Bulldog Badger


I have always been put off tents that are pitched inner first. this video has really got my attention and I am wondering what other tents can bend the pitching rules. cheers for sharing

Author — Gus Explores


I wonder how many others have figured this out, don't actually own an 'outer last' tent, but I think you may have broken the laws of nature by proving they don't actually exist...

Author — rialobran


Nice work. Must be a lot of MSR owners happy to see this. My only concern is: would it be possible to put the groundsheet in after the outer has gone up? otherwise you’d be introducing a lot of water underneath your inner if it was raining (which I presume is the intended scenario for this technique).

Author — Rob Clarke


That's like walking backwards to push something forwards Jonathan. But somehow you managed it. Very enjoyable experiment to watch. Mark

Author — Wye Explorer