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We Try Every Trader Joe's Snack • Ladylike 5

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💬 Comments on the video

Kristen: Let me see what you have
Jen: A knife!
Kristen: nOOO

Author — Rosie Garcia


0:03 Jen:" so this video today is all about how i got a new knife"

Kristen:"no its not about that"

Jen:" FINE"

Author — LiveLife LikeDev


Jen: *dips broccoli in the water and eats it*

Author — Zita Kovács


Jen still has the same effect on me it’s called...


Author — øē gracy ēø



Kristin:”I think Broccoli requires water”
Jen: *Dips broccoli in water*

Author — sad witch


Kristen: “I think broccoli NEEDS water”
Jen: *dips a dehydrated broccoli in her water*
The crew: *laughing their asses off*
Kristen: *”WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS?!”*

also, *Jens just too funny and cute at the same time lmao...*

Author — Ella Lafosse


"I wanted them to hurt us more." I feel that way about a lot of so-called spicy chips.

Author — ColleenBeaty


Kristin: We get it, you're organic
Jen: And virgin
... 😂

Author — holisticmaya


Kristen - this broccoli requires water
Jen - *dips it in water*
modern problems require modern solutions

Author — Guitar Girl


jen: “key-no-ah”
kristen: “quinoa”
jen: “damn-it”

lol 😂 😂😂

Author — adrian franco


Jen: im Eating them off the table so maybe I like them
Kristen: You eat most things off the table
Jen: *Slightly sad but knows it's true* Shut up

Author — Suiside Mission


Kristen: She's shyyy, No no no

Jen: Dies

Author — Brandon Wells


FORMAL REQUEST: Try every Trader Joe's dip!!

Author — Liz Lorenzsonn


I love this video and I also love that I can’t tell if they are drunk or just enjoy each other’s presence so much that they come off that way

Author — Mikala Kohlhaas


Jen: “If Kristin likes then then they’re pretty good”

Author — xAlexXo



Kristen : They’re like fries, but they’re like TRICK fries..

cause they have *VeGeTaBLeS* in them..

Me : *PoTaToEs ArEnT VeGeTaBLeSs?!*

Author — Angelica Macalino


"I'm the queen of the castle. Get down u dirty rascal"

Author — Anna W


“are you listening to her, or are you using her as a pillow?”
“she’s DEAD”

Author — Trick B


I literally just want Jen to have her own channel with just random things she wants to do and talk about

Author — vampiremelon


When you've seen enough trader Joe's videos with Jen that you know you said:

"Look at that." In pure monotone at 13:31

Author — LynntheVirgo