Jackal bites a male lions tail

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  • ℹ️ Published 4 months ago

Jackals are very clever cunning animals and will follow lions around in the hope that they make a kill and they can try and still some bites. They will even try biting the lion to try and distract them enough in order to steal their kill.

Filmed in Masai Mara.

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The lion's reaction to the jackal resembles our reaction to an annoying house fly lol

Author — Khalid Fathi


It's still impressive for both animals to have such a relatively high intelligence. The Jackal has the intellectual capacity to formulate a plan by distracting the lion so the other jackal can steal the food while the lion has the intellectual capacity to ignore the jackal being fully aware of what it is trying to do.

Author — Marcus Carana


is like that mosquito that keeps annoying the crap out of you 😂

Author — William Walker


The reason why the lion can tolerate this, is because he surely knows why the jackals are angry with him.

Author — I will tell you..


This is a mature lion who knows what the jackals are up to. Notice how one jackal stays way back while the faster one is annoying the lion. They want the lion to leave it’s meal and chases after the annoying jackal is what they want to exploit and get a piece of meal.

Author — GhDr


Its nice seeing the animals interacting. I think the lion was a little amused and didnt really mind the jackals tricks. He probably respected the little guys spunkiness. The little gazelle on the other hand was very annoyed by both of them.

Author — Dan Stinson


See the female jackal in the back ....it has given the male jackal a bravery test for marriage

Author — Ezhil n


The other jackal in the back probably thinks: "You're playing with fire bro..."

Author — Provo


The lion gives him that much respect as humans give to houseflies...

Author — TaeeshNENE


These wild animals have better strategic thinking skills than most humans.

Author — Carly Jack


Gonna give Jackals respect though for trying, that’s what they do best at, they don’t give up easy at all either!



This is a perfect example of how you should ignore small haters in your circle, and let them talk behind your back..they won't do major harm to your credibility!

Author — A. Gaal


Lions are always very tolerant towards Jackals. Imagine if that was a Hyena.

Author — Samar Khan


I think the jackal was bloody drunk! 🤣🤣🤣

Author — Vinod GN


Lol the lion's tail is taller than jackal.

Author — sai krishna


Damn !! That Jackal is so small next to the Lion. Once the Lion stands up, the Jackal looks even smaller in comparison.

Author — J Sam


I have seen a few video where the lions let the jackal take sanctuary amongst them. I really think that the lion didn’t mind the attention he was getting from the jackal. Also lions don’t hate jackals like they hate hyenas.

Author — Donny Doit


I love how jackal always stays behind him to avoid direct contact

Author — Lonewolf


Jackal1: Go bite his tail and when he chases you I'll take the food and run away.

Jackal2: Are you sure it'll work?, what if he kills me?.

Jackal1: JUST DO IT.

Author — Xongani Chauke


the lion really didnt even care at all😂😂😂

Author — Jameel Far