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Glee: Top-10 Behind-The-Scenes Scandals | |⭐ OSSA Radar 4.5

What happened between Lea Michele and Naya Rivera? Why didn't Dianna Agron appear in tribute episode dedicated to Cory Monteith? What happened to Mark Salling? Why the creator of the show Ryan Murphy revealed that Glee was both the best and worst experience of his life? Did you know that Naya Rivera was arrested? The rivalry between Rachel Berry and Santana Lopez was real! Find out all the details about this beef! And what about Dianna Agron? Now she is happily married lady, but back then she has a dark story with Alex Pettyfer. Did you remember the biggest scandal of 2014? A lot of celebrities became victims of a phone hack which published some of their most intimate photos on the internet. Some of the Glee actresses also were leaked by hackers!

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💬 Comments on the video

Cory’s death wasn’t a scandal, it was a tragedy

Author — helenhoney


Naya is the sweetest person! this is so disrespectful...

Author — V bluemschnn


You made Naya and Lea out to be such bad people. Naya’s charges were dropped and she was proven innocent. Naya and Lea are now friends and don’t hate each other. Also Naya didn’t wreck mark’s car, they dumped some stuff on it. Also the date of Cory’s death was wrong and it was the wrong episode. You should do some fact checking

Author — Millie Oldwood


Probably shouldve put mark salling first, because thats the only real scandal.

Author — CartoonParty


the fact that you put Naya's mugshot next to a pretty picture of Mark in the thulbnail bothers me

Author — emma lia my


i love how they spend half of this video talking abt naya and only spent a few seconds at the very end talking abt a literal pedophile - and they had the nerve to play sad music in the background when talking about him, as if we should feel sympathy for mark..???

Author — Aliyatopia


I feel like naya was completely dragged.

Author — bryanna


Who is here after lea Michele got called out ?

Author — Zavia Plummer


Ok Naya did not scratch Mark’s car her and her bestie mixed up a ton of gross stuff and dumped it on his car BECAUSE he was cheating on her. She said it herself in her book, and also that all the publicists lied about it

Author — Daphne Lina


I only started watching Glee recently, I can't imagine what it must've been like, being a fan from the beginning and being a fan when Cory Monteith suddenly passed away. Very shocking and sad, I hope he can rest in peace.

Author — Hoseok Is My Hope


This didnt age well. Turns out Lea Michelle is not the sweet one.

Author — Immortal Sammy


u also forgot to mention that Blake Jenner, Melissa Benoist's x husband abused her and dilated one of her pupils.

Author — Kristian179


I think it’s extremely wrong to say that Naya had a ‘violent’ history. I’m not denying that she made mistakes, but we all have. She wasn’t a mean person and I think it’s just not ok. She died a hero. Naya faced the consequences for her actions instead of being too afraid and taking the easy way out. I love you Naya. Heaven has gained a angle and it’s you Naya🌗☁️🌌

Author — Angry Grandma


Darren criss is an unproblematic king 🤴

Author — Megan


I love Dianna so much. Glee did her so wrong

Edit. Wow i came back after 9 months and this has over 1k likes. you guys are awesome.

Author — Poisened Oak


Cory passed away early in the morning of July 13 not July 7th as you claim at 6:15. They paid tribute to him in the 3rd episode of season 5 (not the 1st as you claim) titled The Quarterback. A little fact checking goes a long way. ;)

Author — MsBlackhawk69


disliking the video cuz y’all ain’t gotta drag naya like that.

Author — Kayley Parsons


Why you trying to make Naya look so bad 🥴
Leave her alone she’s doing good with her life x
So tired of people dragging her all the time

Edit: And can we talk about how they used that mug of Naya as the thumbnail, but a sweet looking one of mark 🤮

Author — July May


Diana wasn't the only one who didn't star in "The Quaterback" Heather Morris also doesn't appear

Author — Dominique Kompatzki


Naya was mistreated and misunderstood. She told us the truth about Lea and most people were quick to blame her. Now that it's all coming to a head people are seeing the truth but it isn't fair. The way the media and others portrayed Naya was mean

Author — FAYC_FAYC