My Anti-Aging PM SKINCARE ROUTINE (How I Apply Retin-A (Tretinoin) & Castor Oil)

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My Anti-Aging PM SKINCARE ROUTINE (How I Apply Retin-A (Tretinoin) & Castor Oil)

Skincare I use on my face + body:

Everyday items I use:

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I want to address the comments asking if I've had Botox, fillers, etc. so people can have the truth. I've never gotten anything done to my face. I don't judge anybody if that's the route they choose, but I chose to use topical treatment because I want to be in control of my own face and, also, it's not desirable to me to inject my face with stuff. I like my face the way it is. As for my lack of facial expression, I'm still getting used to filming myself, so that's a part of it. And being an extreme introvert, coupled with my reserved nature, and the fact that in my day to day life I'm teaching meditation & yoga, as well as providing hospice care (these are my occupations), my face looks the way it looks. What I'm trying to say is that we wear our lives on our faces. Everyone does. And I've never been a bubbly, over-animated person, so it would come across extremely artificial if I faked a persona that isn't who I am. Additionally, tretinoin imparts a "pulling" (tightening/firming) effect on the skin, which, is both good and bad. Yes, it makes the complexion appear flawless, but there are definite downsides. I can't open my mouth too widely, or I start to peel immediately, for example. The skin, before it peels (mine peels every day), becomes very tight, and taut, and tightly pulled skin looks ultra smooth and shiny, and then it sort of "cracks" (mine does anyway), starts to flake, and then peels away. New fresh skin is then revealed. This is the mechanism of Retin-A. Ultimately, I take it as a compliment and a testament to the power of this product, if people simply "can't believe" I've achieved my skin with the use of topical cream alone. That people believe me or don't believe me doesn't change the truth, and beyond what I've said here, I can't do much else. It's not my concern to convince anyone of anything. But I did want to address this, since I see numerous comments asking, speculating, and accusing me of not being honest. I have no problem being clear and upfront. This is who I am. I must add, too, for those who have asked tactfully - thank you, by the way. Happy holidays everyone.

Author — Jennifer Myers


i’m barely 22 and i feel like i look like i’m in my thirties. your under eyes are literally FLAWLESS. i can’t with how beautiful you are!

Author — Paige Johannesen


I just red your comment about your facial expression and I need to say I like your expression. I mean it is how it is. Lots of people don’t understand that not everyone shows a lot of expression when they are talking. It’s absolutely natural. We don’t need to always smile, make jokes or whatever. This woman is just herself. This itself is pure beauty.

Author — Irem


I'm a physician and I really appreciate your sincerity in not only taking care of yourself but also wanting to share it with people. Great job!

Author — pav dhaya


_I'm Glad she mentioned in the Video not to apply the RetinA right after cleansing unless you've been using it for a while._

Do Not apply RetinA on damp skin when you're a Newbie Or just starting back using it again. You have to wait at least 25min after you Cleanse your face. IF NOT *_you'll experience Redness, Irritation, Peeling and Blisters._* She's been using RetinA for 15yrs and has built up her skin's Tolerence for it so it's easy for her to use it on damp skin without experiencing any Harsh side effects.

Author — Marie Nurse Aesthetician


Its so refreshing to see I dont have to put 10+ producs on my face to look this good. Also dem lashes guuuurl, are living.

Author — Gesttina


I am 23 and started using retin A a few monts ago... I am PRAYING I look like you when I am 37!!! Thanks for sharing :)

Author — Leilany luna


Thank you that was simple and easy to follow! unlike other complicated routines out there. I wish you would share you morning skincare routine as will ❤️

Author — jioo


I'm turning 24 next year and your videos are just what I need to boost my motivation in taking care of my skin, now I really need to start on retinol/retin-a because WOW the result, looking fantastic! thank you for making these videos~ you are ve~ry pretty and your skin looks amazing! what a beautiful outcome of patient and consistency combined, now I'm gonna watch the rest of your videos :)

Author — Leila Mulida


Thank you for This video! I’ve been using retin A 0.05% for 4 years and I agree with everything you say. I am 28, retin A has made me more confident with my skin. Although I have not tried it on my neck and chest, because of this video I will give it a go! 🙌🏻 Only giving me motivation to continue my journey using this amazing product!



This’s the best easy skincare routine I ever seen🌹

Author — Love Loveth


I have the exact same routine as you and I started at 22. Excited to learn that it's worked so wonderfully for you! ^^

Author — Saila Maham


Thankyou so much Jennifer. You’re so pretty! And I’m so thankful for the time you put to show us everything you do.

Author — Fran Soho


Hi Jennifer! Thanks so much for the videos— learning a lot. :) I had 2 questions I was hoping you could answer (they pertain to your skincare/health choices outside of Retin-A)

1. Aside from yoga, do you do any other types of fitness? Besides mental benefits, have you found any benefit to your skin from the workouts you do?

2. Because of your frequent use of Retin-a, do you ever exfoliate your skin? (Ie. Weekly, monthly, never). If you do exfoliate, what do you use, and why?

Thank you!! So inspired by your health and skincare!

Author — Neha Verma


Your skin is beautiful! I’ve also been using Retin- A and plan to include castor oil in my night time skin care routine!

Author — Priscilla Sue


Hello Jennifer, I hope you're well amidst whats going on! I wanted to ask, as having no immediate doctor to give me a prescription and considering it can be expensive to buy Retin A, are there any other alternatives to look as glowy and healthy as you? I saw your Bone Broth video, which I will definitely be doing after all this has come to pass, but would Vitamin E replace Retin A? I am using Vitamin E before I go to sleep, anything non expensive I can start using, or anything that you recommend that can help and might not be prescribed by a doctor? Thanks!:)

Author — Fatima Aquino


This routine is so simple, I’m loving all your videos. Thank you for sharing your knowledge ☺️

Author — Christian L.


Wow! I love how authentic your videos are. So effortless and real 👌

Author — Guney Blomstervall


We want more of this skincare action! 😬❤️

Author — Amanda04


Thanks for sharing your skincare routine! I have retin A from a dermatologist but I need to get better at using it consistently. This is a sign that I need to stay on top of it.

Author — Celeste Celestial