Girlfriend of missing CT mom’s estranged husband surrenders to police l Nightline

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Girlfriend of missing CT mom’s estranged husband surrenders to police l Nightline 4.5
Michelle Troconis turned herself in, leading to a new tampering with evidence charge for both her and Fotis Dulos. Both previously pleaded not guilty to charges in Jennifer Dulos’ disappearance case.

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100% he killed her. Poor kids.Why he has a smirk on his face? Fucker. Wife was beautiful, RIP

Author — Kahi K


If you truly loved your children, you would not rob them of their own mother

Author — Ehriykkah


Just freaking get divorced or separated. Why the hell do these people need to kill their spouses?!?!?!

Author — Abbie Leber


Looking at his eyes you can tell he is a violent man, he is scary.

Author — Rosie Mandujano


So a murderer is walking around, and people who smoke weed are in jail, what a 🌎

Author — anjayyy play


And most all of the wives are 100 times more attractive than the Smh

Author — Karen M


Just so sad, those 5 kids growing up without their mom

Author — Noura Smith


I'd love to smack that smirk of his face 😡

Author — Mai Lan Mckenna


It's not because he had a mistress or he was getting a divorce it's about power and control with these predators

Author — Claire Gordon


Forgive me for saying so, but in looks his gf is definitely a trade down from his wife

Author — Ed19601


The first thing a woman should do when getting a divorce is get: 1) a large protective dog and 2) a gun.

Author — S Tomlinson


All these cases, are so sad but the Watts case is the most heartbreaking

Author — Habibah Ahmad


Why is it in cases like this the husband always has a mistress??? No side chick is worth killing for...

Author — Paige Grace


They will offer her a deal to spill the beans on the boyfriend

Author — Geoff Gyro


What kind of woman helps a man to clean up a crime scene he's responsible for? She's depraved like him.

Author — Joy Harrison


Poor woman and children... Ppl. The world is insane. Sick. Wrotten.

Author — Pettie Steyn


All about Spousal Support and 5 x Child Support... I bet she would of turned down the money for her life and peace. 💔

Author — Shannon F-PA


Why are killers so afraid of the death penalty

Author — Debbie


So many sick people in this world omg 😳
This is so sad to watch ☹️

Author — Blasian Beauty


Seriously???? Murder charges have been pressed with less evidence!!! He did it and the girlfriend helped! Duh

Author — Jennifer Flores