New video shows Felicity Huffman behind bars | ABC News

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New video shows Felicity Huffman behind bars | ABC News 3.5

The actress is serving a 14-day sentence for her role in the “Varsity Blues” college admission scandal.

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Must be tough being jailed that you can walk to the parking lot to hug family

Author — Puchito puchito


Is she wearing an Apple Watch.. in a parking lot.. in “prison”..?

Author — Brian Nichols


Rich people are literally above the law.

Author — San Junipero


justice for all??? must be a joke. Justice is for those who can afford it.

Author — Albert Smith


Wtf she can just walk into the Parking lot 😂😂😂

Author — Kevin Garcia


That's not a jail. That just looks like someone's TV having static problems.

Author — Superhero Cat


A Baseball hat & a comfy jumpsuit. Looks pretty chill. Not exactly " Hard Time "

Author — David Ellis


Damn... Rich people even get their own jail--where they can walk in parking lots. That's not jail. Damnit. For once I thought a rich person had consequences. Silly me.

Author — A Cyr


Looks like a big fat joke on regular people who would not have it so good

Author — Honesty


Had any normal person done this they would get 14 years instead of 14 days.

Author — Pooh Xi


She complained her mattress was a little softer than she liked.

Author — Roland Jenkins


14 days!!!! That’s just time enough to experience being processed in and out of any institution....

Author — unlimited haro78


Met them in the parking lot. Sounds like when i order pizza and dont want the pizza guy to come to the 3rd floor.

Author — Ddee Ddee


Bruh I been to prison. How tf is she walking in the parking lot

Author — ikeep seeing44


Walking in a parking lot to meet them?? What a joke..14 days in LA County Jail would scare her enough to not do anything bad again! The place shes at is a cake walk!

Author — Sara Brant


The lesson to the rest of the world is. As long as you have money and fame you can get away with it.

Author — Karla Mena


Salsibary steak for dinner. It's a damn summer camp not a prison.

Author — Rob M


Wait walking through a parking lot?? most prisoners aren't not in parking lots they're either behind bars or in the building in a court yard

Author — shooter4hire shooter4hire


Oh wow federal prison, baseball cap, daily strolls through parking lots unattended, access to emails, internet, her own cell, yoga in the morning, cable tv, pizza for lunch, dinner made by Wolfgang Puck, oh the suffering for your crimes...

Author — MMQ


14 days wow, that’s basically a life sentence 🙄

Author — Bruh Moment