Sonic Forces Gameplay Walkthrough - Part 1 - I AM SONIC!

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Sonic Forces Gameplay Walkthrough - Part 1 - I AM SONIC! 5
Are you excited? Time to dive into the Newest Sonic, Sonic Forces!

Thank you guys for watching the Blitzwinger Gameplay Walkthrough for the Sonic Forces Videogame! This is the Newest Sonic Game to come out and I plan to cover all the aspects of the game including the campaign and all the stages, all the customization options and boss fights. If you Love Sonic Games subscribe to my channel because I have now played two and enjoyed both a bunch plus I upload brand new videos every day. 😄

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Sonic Forces:
Sonic Forces is a platform video game developed by Sonic Team and published by Sega for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. An installment in the Sonic the Hedgehog series, the story follows Sonic as a member of a resistance force against Doctor Eggman, who has taken over the world with the help of his robot army and a mysterious villain known as Infinite. Gameplay is similar to Sonic Generations: players control "Classic" and "Modern" versions of the titular character; the former plays from a side-scrolling view reminiscent of the Sega Genesis Sonic games, while the latter uses three-dimensional gameplay similar to Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Colors. Sonic Forces also features a third gameplay mode featuring the "Avatar", the player's own custom character.

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Taking one hit doesn't make you lose ALL rings!? FINALLY!

Author — Dogmaguy74


My favorite Sonic game was Sonic Unleashed

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Your Sonic character looks like a secret agent to me.

Author — The Monsters


21:14 Tails, Metal Sonic would like a word with you

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This is a good sonic game im proud to say that :)

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My favorite sonic game is Sonic Generations I don't know why I just fell in love with the game

Author — Dashawn W


ESPIO, one of my favorite characters.

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It’s been forever since SEGA made a sonic game.COULD THIS BE THE LAST GAME!?

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After these two games sonic colours and after sonic Generation and after sonic generation sonic Unleashed

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FINALLY! Someone who goes for the dog species like I do! I'm so happy!

Author — Penguin Dragneel


Everything for your avatar looks good except the monkey headgear. That looks weird on him

Author — Eamo B


I've played this one it makes me rage at least one of the levels I've tried it tons of times finally I got through it

Author — ikaros Chon


Wow, you're really good at this game.

Author — AleJJtheNinja


I had only one ring left when I defeated zavok literally 1 RING!

Author — How to train your dragon Lover


The LEGO dimensions sonic level pack game

Author — Abel Murillo


blitzwinger zavok is from the 2014 wii U game lost worlds as a member and leader of the deadly six

Author — Joey Joey


I’m here before anything over 360p is availible

Author — zim


Blitz plz get the Shadow DLC pack because it's free

Author — Sonic and Chuck Speed friends


The "red coins" are called "Red Star Rings"

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I never knew Blitz was interested in Sonic

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