Jim is the Worst Roommate - The Office US

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Darryl discovers Jim is not the ideal roommate when the start renting together in Philly.

From Season 9, Episode 14 "Vandalism" - Nellie and Dwight spring into action when Pam needs help finding the vandal who defaced her mural. Meanwhile, Darryl has a hard time dealing with Jim's habits.

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💬 Comments

A roommate who cleans up after himself, sets clear boundaries, cool to hang with, and mostly uses his own stuff. Darryl is the greatest roommate ever. It sucks cleaning up after adults 😭

Author — Consensual Code


Darryl : Your husband is like a sloppy homeless hobo. Can you fix that?
Pam : I was kinda hoping you could 😂

Author — Raghav


Darryl's Thermos, Andy's mug, Roy's girlfriend. Jim just can't seem to keep his hands off other people's stuff.

Author — Jaldeep Tipale


"Whatchu need flour for, Jim? You makin' bread?" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Author — J Rivera


"Letting it soak" is very fundamental in dishwashing avoidance.

Author — Edwards


I guess Jim did this so that he could avoid having roommates

Author — TimeBucks


Jim: "Sorry about that"
Darryl: "It's cool, reading is tricky sometimes"

Author — Mr Cat


I mean I understand Darryl. I lived in dorms and I was like Darryl, then I decided not to be like Darryl, next thing I saw - my roommate scrubbing my frying pan with a fork.

Author — BeAPickle


I liked that they made Jim the messy one bc it’s so realistic, he couldn’t be so perfect about everything

Author — blackbirdfly


I love how whenever Jim is angry he's passive-aggressive instead of yelling

Author — Eclipsical Bluestocking


Imagine if Dwight and Jim were ever roommates :()

Author — Carson Gudz


I'd prefer Daryl to be my roommate and coworker. He's organized, exemplifies cleanliness, and takes his work seriously.

Author — Carl Bluem


I love how happy Jim is to be the "messy one."

Author — DaffyFable


Jim's face when he poured his coffee in the garbage. The no fucks given face. 😂

Author — Thomas James


I never realized at 0:26 you can see Jim in the mirror playing an electric guitar lol

Author — Doyle 06


I feel for Darryl when he saw Jim using his thermos. I hate it when people take my stuff without even asking first. I used to have a housemate who took my stuff without asking, leaving me always confused when I want to use it. Once, he took my brand new PC mouse and subsequently broke it. That set me off on him and he never took anything from me ever again.

Author — Frank Victus


I had a few Jim roommates before. I feel how Darryl feels.

Author — BroadStreet76


People like Jim are why I've always preferred living alone over having a roommate :)

Author — Nisarg Joshi


“you gonna wash it or let it soak?”

Author — Moodyy


being roommates is just how you destroy a friendship

Author — JC