What's Up? Webcast: SkyX Software with SynScan

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  • ℹ️ Published 12 months ago

Sky-Watcher What's Up?: SkyX Software with SynScan
(Episode 62)

SkyX from Software Bisque is one of the most powerful astronomy control softwares on the market. We take a close look at how to control your Sky-Watcher mount and other capabilities of SkyX.

What's Up? webcast take place right here on the Sky-Watcher USA YouTube channel every Friday from 10am to 11am Pacific.

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I really wanna use SkyX, but I'm a bit offended at a price model where you have to buy it and THEN rent it. Its a baffling business decision.

Also Software, you think optical telescope stuffs hard? Try radio astronomy lol. I'm all about that Hydrogen line, but holy cow things get complicated. All worth it for the science tho!

Author — Shayne O'Neill


You say you use Photoshop, what about Adobe software photo shot software?

Author — Douglas Fields