Should You Buy A Matte Paint Finish Ioniq 5, EV6 or GV60? 9 Months In And Still Looking Amazing!

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Is matte paint harder to maintain? Is it worth the risk? Should you buy a matte paint Ioniq 5, EV6 or GV60?

I wrestled with this same question 9 months ago, I ended up driving home a matte paint finish Shooting Star Gray Ioniq 5 and here are my thoughts about it.

00:21 Matte Paint Options By Model Year
The Journey
01:24 How Did I End Up With A Shooting Star Gray Ioniq 5?
03:06 First Deal Fell Through But I Found Another!
03:36 Which Color Should I Buy?
05:05 What Pushed Me Over To Matte?
Matte Paint Ownership
05:54 What Has It Been Like With Matte Paint?
10:15 Common Complaints - Addressed

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Good to know that it can be taken thru a auto car wash. If the Gravity Gold here in the states was available with the brown/tan interior like in overseas, I would get it and take a chance with the car washes, but it comes only with black or white seats. I ordered a Digital Teal with white seats, but have to admit the Shooting Star matte one looks sweet.

Author — David Vega


I parked next to a matt finish GV60 last week. KInd of strange looking and i wouldn't go for it even though it seemed an attractive idea on paper when i was considering a GV60 a few months ago. And i certainly didn't realise about hand washing so that seals the deal. I think I'm going to get my next car clear wrapped.

Author — Joe


What a great story about getting your car!! I put in an order for the ioniq 5 awd long range ultimate package but they say it's 3 to 4 year wait. I was wondering about the matte paint as I'm lazy as f and I use thr car wash at the gas station, good to know it's ok with it. Thanks for the great videos and onto the next one about putting it in neutral so when I do get my car I'll be readt

Author — RW Aquarium Pages


Great information. So what would a good ceramic coating do for the matte/satin paint ? I have heard some of them are a total scam by dealers but others might actually offer protection. Can anyone tell me about that ?

Author — Jimji


I had a perfectly adequate 2016 Chevy volt plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, 50 miles per charge and 40 miles per gallon there after. I was charging it every day and discharging it every day and never saw any degradation, 60, 000 all electric miles and six years. A friend and I were checking out the Milford Connecticut Tesla service center and there was a Kia and a Hyundai dealer nearby and we just happened to stop by to see what electric cars they had available. The price of cars was going crazy and the price of used cars was going insane and the chip shortage problem was at a pinnacle and the supply chain issues were horrible.
I bought a 2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5 SEL RWD In January 2022 here in Connecticut. They tried to mark up the MSRP of $48, 000 by $4000 dollars and I walked and they sold it to me at MSRP.
I would not have bought it without the $7500 federal income tax credit and I’m so mad at that part of the inflation reduction act that made 70% of all available Evies immediately disqualified from getting the $7500 federal income tax credit. You want to reduce pollution but you do
I had done my research on the car……. it had perfect range and the fastest charging ability in the world today. I was doing my research in December 2021 and early January 2022 and I believe it got world car the year by then……
When I saw the shooting star matte finish, I fell in love immediately. I’m not sure if I realized that I had to hand wash my car for the rest of my life. I never owned a matte finish in my life.
I had no idea the worst mistake Hyundai made was not putting in a rear windshield wiper.
I’ve put over 17, 000 miles on my car in nine months and I pretty much love everything about the car.
I started out gung ho about washing it in the driveway by hand and did a little research trying to figure out if I could find a touchless car wash but my thought was then and now, until I saw your video, no automatic washing. I guess I’ve hand washed the car 10 times. I am 61 years old and retired and was easily able to find the time to wash and dry it in my driveway. I have gone through almost the whole bottle of Mrs. Beasley’s car wash solution for matte finish cars…….
I am so glad for your video because I don’t think I’m ever going to hand wash it
The car is filthy and we have about seven days of no rain coming up, I will be off to the car wash tomorrow.

Author — ron nelson


I have a gravity gold matte Ioniq 5 since 10 months and I do really like the color. The dealer told me to use textile car wash without wax but up to now I washed it only by hand.
My only problem with the paint is that some idiot put intentionally a 20 cm scratch to the side after one week (maybe I mentioned it in an older post). No spot repair possible so either spent 800-1000 € for a new door paint or live with it for 4 years of leasing. So I will see what they bill at leasing end.
Fun fact: With the car I got a high gloss finish sealer in a 1L bin 😂

Author — Holger Reimold


I have had my steel matte gray GT line EV6 for 8 months and take it through a no touch car wash with just soap and water. They only use high pressure water no brushes though. I use beasleys matte sealant after the wash, I apply it while the car is still wet and the car looks amazing. I havnt had any issues with the paint other than a rock chip on the hood because I only drive at high speeds on the highway. But at the end of the day it’s a car and will have some wear after everyday use. My next vehicle if I have the option will be a matte paint car again. Looks amazing. Oh and I live in NY. So bad winters with salt here too.

Author — little BIG brother


I got my shooter star limited and I immediately had it professionally ceramic coated. Couldn’t be happier. We went to the same dealer and I had the same issue. I wanted black interior limited. Said I didnt want the Matte and so happy I listened to Keith at Hyundai 112. Its badass

Author — David Cohan


Have ordered one in that colour but will get it ceramic coated as soon as I pick it up

Author — Stephen Golds


I wish they offered shooting star matte in Australia. They only offer the gold here, which I don’t like as much. So I went with digital teal green instead.

Author — Karl


looks like its becoming less matte and more gloss which is what the wax in the standard soap will do. fine if you are ok with it but works against the purpose of a matte finish

Author — Donaldo Armand


What about your white interior? Still happy with it? I see you have a darker subseat to protect them. Do you have white seat stress? ;)

Author — Joël Sels


Just turned down a Matte Gold because it had black interior. And not to many pictures of it in real life yet. But thanks for information. May persuade me if one comes up with grey interior. All my cars are always handed wash, no car washed for me.

Author — Scott O'Brien


What would you feel safe using to spot clean bird poop? A clorox wipe? Just a wet paper towel?

Author — adeelr26


No picture or video evidence of the condition of the paint? You're saying auto car wash with brushes dont make swirls and small scratches? Also, the potential consequences of damage repair or a substantial scratch repair is worth a mention. Great channel keep it up

Author — Moment productions


I also have the Shooting Star paint. My window trim is now peeling off. Dealer says they will fix.

Author — Peter Bernard