Is Human Resource Management the right career for you?

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Is Human Resource Management the right career for you? 5

Hear from some of the foremost authoritative experts on what HR managers do and why they do it. #IHub #InternationalHub

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I fit the profile This is it for me... and this video just made me even more sure
I’m actually graduating in HRM in 3 months, can’t wait to start my career
If you read this, I’m sure you’re wishing me all the best and I appreciate that. Wish you only positive outcomes as well 💯
🍾 Let’s Go

Author — Hudson


I feel like I'm just mentally forcing myself to settle for something like this...don't get me wrong it's a good career, but my heart just isn't with this..I feel forced by family to pursue this..and I'm scared of regretting it and hating life. My heart is doing heroic careers like the military or police officers..I want my life to have special meaning to it apart from the average.

Author — John Doe


I worked in HR it was a good run But There is one important thing I would say: HR differs from business to another. The best place to work in HR is where the people are the product !

Author — San Fran


HR is extremely difficult to get into without experience. No one will give you the opportunity to build it unless you have close connections. A profession that relies highly on nepotism, favoritism and cronyism. An employer could care less what college degree you have if you don't have some sort of experience in the field. The whole hiring system is broken not to mention ATS rejects 80% of qualified candidates. They teach you in HR about equity and hiring based on the ability to complete the essential tasks and responsibilities of the job. They say you must meet the minimal requirements (KSA'S) to be considered. This is false. You must exceed the recommended requirements and all those below that one individual who fits that description will be disqualified. I've been on interviews where I was asked by HR managers my age, if I'm married or if I have children. A big no no and have violated eeo laws in doing so. Many so-called HR professionals hold irrelevant degrees in the field and lack the strong theory in HR to become true professionals. I'm always overlooked and rejected from every HR job I apply to because everything is done through an electronic system and your resume must be 110% match for it to even be glanced at momentarily. Btw, I hold an AS in business, BA in Management with an emphasis in HRM and a Masters in HRM with a specialization in Organizational Leadership. I Graduated with a 3.7 GPA in my Major and 3.5 GPA overall with an Honors on my Thesis all so I can be overlooked for some idiot with no experience, a degree in sociology and a hookup from his friend Bob.

Author — 2dble fistn


Falling in love with my career, thanks. Such a helpful department.

Author — resilienci


I graduated with a BS with HRM and I couldn’t find a job in my city in HRM without experience. Tips on getting started?

Author — fabbysusan


Wow. I am an 18 year old freshman in college right now and have yet to finalize a major and this video really helped me out. Two things that I have been interested in are both Human Resources management or social work. This video really helped me decide! Thank you

Author — Irma Solis-Nieto


Could not agree more. EVERY ISSUE IS A PEOPLE ISSUE. Love that line! Thank you for creating such great content.

Author — Josée LP (JLP)


i just got certified for Human Capital Supervisor and im in the middle of finishing my master in HR Development. thank u so much for this

Author — Maya Oceanride


Empathy would be a good trait to have.

Author — Patricia Manzi


I've began building experience in HR as an intern last year and never thought I'd consider it to be a career for me until my internship ended and I began reflecting on how much I was passionate about what I was doing. I didn't receive any formal training and was learning as I went, but now I'd like to get in-depth knowledge so that I can progress into an HR professional. What's motivating me more was when I took the Myers-Briggs Personality test and found out that I am an INFP and HR was in my career matches. It's making me feel more confident about pursuing success in this industry. I feel as though the best of my personality traits can contribute greatly to the HR of business. Thanks for the great video!

Author — Tisha


I graduated BSBA major in Human Resources Development Management
3 years since I graduated, It takes a year since I found a job.
Because here in Philippines it's hard to find a job if you're a fresh graduate.
My first job was a Sale Associate in a mall it really make me sad
Because that's not my dream job but still I work hard and did my best just to get a experience until I finish my contract.
Then tried again to Apply for a new job it took 6 months to finally found a job again and still not in HR field.
Now I'm working as Office Staff it's really hard for me to enter in HR field maybe I'm not ready yet.
I'm still hoping someday I can enter in HR field.
I just want to share this☺️

Author — Mik Mik Nape


Thank you for uploading this video I have a HR interview next week and this gave me a few pointers!

Author — Lady Glow Official


It's not HR managing the business or the people, it's HR advising the business and people, helping to form a culture, being the link between employees, line management/management and the business overall on a variety of matters. Most important knowing the laws, industry, market situation, factors,

Author — N M


I've been rejected from jobs, I've been humiliated because of my cv for being weak enough to fit in the jobs I've been hunting. i didn't had opportunities to show myself That's my primary reason to study HR.

Author — Poco Blue


Thank you for helping me realize I'm not fit in my field I still love my course but I think all of my weakness is in there. The problem is I don't know what carrer path I should take but I know I should thoroughly think about that before changing career.

Author — Sky Lark


Thank you for this insightful video.This video has helped me a great deal with regards to my personal statement for University. It's wonderful when people that have the knowledge share the knowledge 👍.Thanks

Author — Raya Raya


Fantastic video. I've been in church ministry for 15 years and I'm considering going back to school for HRM. There seems to be a lot of the same skills between pastoral ministry and OB and HRM. This was very helpful.

Author — Christian Salzillo


HR is there to protect the company from its employees. Never trust HR.

Author — JPH Solutions


This year I'm going to have my college life and I'm planning to choose Human Resource .This video really help me to change my idea about this course. It's really interesting.

Author — Noswil Nosmas