Day in the Life of Honeywell

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Day in the Life of Honeywell 4.5

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This is one of the best corporate PR videos I've ever seen. I wish I could find it in a higher resolution.

Author — douro20


i had honeywell termostat that blow in fire

Author — TMXL


I worked with Honeywell and am hoping I do so again. Its a great company to work for.

Author — Tryden Fernandes


How may i get an internship in honeywell?



TEXT: "Honeywell International Incorporated: Katherine Adams; on the Board of Directors and General Counsel" TEXT ANAGRAMMED: "Clean, no retainer: Knows secret subterranean GP hell facility & a root = head hold a 'One' 2 rot mind 2 'in on' or dead".

Author — Benjamin Brown


I'm hoping to get a job in Honeywell. Are any of the positions hard?

Author — Joseph Womer


I knew Honeywell did a lot of stuff but i didn't know they did all that!

Author — Ben Dominguez Creative


This video is almost straight out of a movie about a corporation that turns out to be the arm of a terrorist organization. All you have to do is change "Honeywell" to some dumb hollywood fictitious name.

Author — Darren Embry