A Taste of Vienna

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A Taste of Vienna 5
This is the second episode of our independent “A Taste of ...” time lapse series.
You wanna have a look at the city behind the Wiener Schnitzel, Sachertorte and Wiener Melange? Have a taste of our beautiful hometown Vienna, which serves as capital of Austria, located in the heart of Europe, with its enormous rich culture and history.
Let us take you on a fast trip through Vienna's world wide well known buildings, as well as less famous places, trough restaurants or tramways, which are called “Bims” by its locals, by the way...

Technical Details:
It took us one week of planning every single frame, one year of production (next to paid film jobs and university) and 2 TB hard drive space to create this time lapse movie.

Produced by:
Thomas Pöcksteiner // Peter Jablonowski

Sounddesign by:
Benjamin Bauernfeind

Equipment used:
+ Emotimo TB3
+ several tripods from Sachtler, Manfrotto and Togopod

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Ganz ehrlich... eure Videos sind besser produziert als manche Hollywood Filme!

Author — DaveFX


So eine wunderschöne Stadt und ein tolles Video, welches sie perfekt zeigt!

Author — Veni


"Guten Morgen liebe Österreicherinnen und Österreicher...."
Ich find' die passenden Soundeffekte besonders genial. Gibt dem ganzen Film noch mehr Brillianz! :)

Author — Yggie


This is unbelievable, please you have to do as many as possible !

Author — Cataarsis


Spectacular and impressive timelapse video! I like the sound effects (a lot).

Author — Stuart's TRAVEL VIDEOS


Wien, für mich die schönste Stadt überhaupt !

Author — ImperialMartin


I want to know how you did every shot and edited it all. It looks amazing!

Author — Uk Gamer


I have a question guys, can you live in Vienna if you only speak English? I don't mean getting a job but can you survive at least a few months. I only know some basic words in German and that's the best I got

Author — Nina Torees


Wien, Wien, nur du allein, sollst stets der Stadt meiner Träume sein!

Author — Michael E. Wallendorf


Seit 37 Jahren in Wien! Bei eurem Video bekomme ich vor lauter Liebe.. und Liebeskummer.. Freude.. und Erinnerungen einen wohligen Schauer mit Gänsehaut. Man soll reisen und sich alles anschauen ! Aber Wien... <3 nur Du allein.

Author — 1980Raffael


I'd love to see a behind the scenes edit of this video, some of the cuts in this are brilliant and I would love to figure out how they were done
When I went to Vienna I didn't bring a map but I did bring my camera. I made a short video and its on my channel if anyone wants to have a look :)

Author — Leo Kopferschmitt


Super, erinnerte mich an all die Orte wo er in Wien in 2011, die Stadt genauso schön und ruhig (hoffe ich). Glück für Sie, die Österreicher!!! (ein Freund aus Russland)

Author — Дмитрий Жданов


This is the best thing that I’ve seen, such a amazing video 🔥

Author — julio lorca


Macht doch ein A Taste vom Land. Aufnahmen vom Land Niederösterreich, Tirol etc. z.B Mostviertel mit blühenden Obstbäumen und Weinviertel mit Weinreben etc. Impressionen vom Land festhalten.


Author — Jakob HA


Tolle Stadt! Möchte ich wahrscheinlich in den Winterferien mal hin :) Grüße aus Münster in 🇩🇪 :)

Author — Royal Castle


This is amazing! Sehr schöne Stadt :D Greetings from Slovakia

Author — Mi Ki


Never experienced such professionalism in such short tutorial video before. Just perfect!

Author — Vallo Tubli


this is absolutely the BEST video about Vienna I have ever seen !! I am from Bratislava, and I am so SO in love with Vienna ! Great job!

Author — Zuzka Landova


Ooooo how I love your videos. They are amazing.

Author — Oscar Ocean


Wien kann einfach mit jeder Stadt mithalten, unfassbar gutes Video geworden, weiter so (Y)

Author — Leave The Zone