Chartres Cathedral

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Chartres Cathedral 5
Chartres Cathedral (Notre Dame de Chartres), c.1145 and 1194 - c. 1230

0 - 9:17 West Façade and Royal Portal
9:17 - 16:44 Interior, Flying Buttresses, and Stained Glass
16:44 - 18:55 South Porch and Saint Theodore

Speakers: Dr. Steven Zucker and Dr. Beth Harris

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I can listen to you two talk about art and architecture all day.

Автор — Chris Eversole


I consider myself privileged to have seen Chartres as part of my college education. But we students did not have videos like this that show closeups of sculptural details and that provide a good explanation of Chartres' historical development. This is a gem of a presentation and I am very grateful for it. One thing that I lament is the plastering over of the structural stones in the groin vaults that have been painted with false joints. The overall effect is a nave with a very clean appearance that belies the actual structural elements of the vaulting and their true age.

Автор — Noe Berengena


So relaxing and educational! Thank you.

Автор — aprilshowers


Thank you, Welborn Griffith, for saving the cathedral

Автор — Kerry Gee


Thanks for the time-stamp annotations. Very helpful!

Автор — Lambonius


The Gothic period is one of my favorite!!

Автор — PoseidonXIII


What wonderful detail and explanation! Thanks for the great tour!

Автор — maria s


Highly educational, keep up the good work!

Автор — Rollo Alquiros


Thank you . Bishop Robert Barron advised me this is his favourite cathedral in the world!

Автор — MsHburnett


I was lucky enough to visit this beautiful place many years ago. There is so much to see that you can't possibly take it all in. Thanks for taking me back there and showing me some of the things I missed.

Автор — Ric


Both of you have the BEST voices
I could listen to you two speak regardless of the subject

Автор — Rose Rey


Amazing I absolutely love watching your videos!

Автор — cesazz


I love how you sound like sports play-by-play announcers. This is a fascinating building full of motion and stories and you really bring it to life! Great work!

Автор — Lisa Huston


This video is awesome! Thanks for taking us to a whole different level!

Автор — Silvester W


West doorway: 12th century gothic
Small, round windows
King's gallery
Rose window: plate tracery (not bar tracery)
Lancets: sculptures; jamb figures (prophets, kings and queens of France, isolated and ethereal)
Tympanum (L to R): Christ before incarnation, second coming, second coming, Christ's birth (annunciation, visitation, birth of Christ, Jesus brought to the temple, Mary as the throne of wisdom (Christ is wisdom))
(Used to be ascension, second coming, life of virgin Mary)

Roman influence: based on basilica
1194 fire; beginning of High Gothic style
Three-part elevation instead of four-part elevation
Four-point ribbed groin vault: more room for stained glass; flying buttresses support

Virgin of the Beautiful Window: blue against red, Mary as throne of wisdom; heavenly image

North transept: rose window; Blanche of Castille, mother of King Louis IX, major patron of Gothic art, references to French monarchy
South transept: projects much more than West (High Gothic); jamb figures independent from columns; more natural

Evolution of Gothic style

Автор — Lyra Black


Excellent learning resource. Very well done indeed! Thank you.

Автор — Simi Bignall


Excellent! Your presentations are so cogent and interesting. So sad that Reims and Amiens were not as fortunate in terms of their stained glass survival.

Автор — ToledoWingNut


Very elaborated and educative commentary. Good work. Thanks.

Автор — dharman venkatesan


anyone know the name of the jazz piano they use in these videos?

Автор — Rachel Laury


Actually much of the west front looks decidely Romanesque . (Exceptions of course being the portals and the round window)

Автор — Paul Lewis