If You're Watching This, Thermonuclear War Hasn't Wiped Out Humanity

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If You're Watching This, Thermonuclear War Hasn't Wiped Out Humanity 5

Stephen's Tuesday monologue was taped in front of a live (for now) studio audience.

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"The election is over!" says the guy who keeps talking about how much better he is than Hillary Clinton.

Author — Lab Matt


I live in the south so I know alot of people who support Trump so watching Colbert heals my soul

Author — Abby Barron


"Vault-Tec. A brighter future, underground."

Author — Nicholas Randall


A number of American Presidents have been somewhat disliked by people in other countries - especially unfriendly countries. No President has been so disliked by people in countries allied and friendly to America.

It was odd that some tried to portray President Obama as unpopular in other countries. Around the world he was one of the most popular American Presidents in history.

Author — David Kendrick


Trump says "the election's over", and yet he's still bragging about the electoral college win. I wonder if he can spell the word hypocrite.

Author — VilifyExile


Stephen is the only thing tethering me to sanity right now

Author — Eliza Kinney


I love how whenever Stephen uses an invisible prop in a bit he always puts it away off screen, it's adorable

Author — Andrew Harding


Clearly The Donald confused Kim Jong Un with Psy who is a Gentleman.

Author — Crovax Windgrace


"The Dictator-Tot" Ok, so that's Kim Jong Un's new name.

Author — aflightoffancy


I think Trump calls him this gentleman because he's confusing him with PSY.

Author — Aeon Maujean


"A (president) who has to say he is the (president) is no (president) at all" -Tywin Lannister

Author — Benito De Leon


petulant man child with nuke vs petulant man child with nuke

Author — Ze


"but the march didnt make Trump release his taxes, much like the Women's march didn't make him release his MR. COLBERT, GOLD

Author — Boyang Hu


"doesn't want to telegraph was his thinking"


He tweets 24/7 exactly what he's thinking.

Author — Joe Black


"The Election is over", says the guy who holds campaign rallies AFTER becoming President.

Author — Jerry To


Colbert is brutal and this is not even a cable show.

Author — Pwnpie


If Trump does come to Britain, we plan to give him his wish for lots of gold. In the manner of Prince Viserys in Game of Thrones.

Author — lozman67


Kudos from Europe to all the Americans who protest against Trump.You are great people!

Author — Palaven


You know, I didn't think I'd miss Obama? But I seriously want that guy back at this point.

Author — Hoopdy


As a veteran I find it offensive for Mr. Pence to wear a uniform which he doesn't deserve to wear.

Author — Allen Martin