Be careful Of Bus 975…

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This Bus Route Has Some ‘other’ passengers to pick up…

So, if you are ready,
Let's go down This Rabbit Hole.
#singapore #bus975 #supernatural

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Here Is Another Singaporean Ghost Story You Might Enjoy! :

Author — @TheRabbitHoleOfficial


You know you are doing something right when even the Ghost take public transport. Bravo Singapore!

Author — @sibimathen1451


Scary thoughts aside, this is actually a really sweet gesture. Giving people who have passed on a final ride. Not that I have the courage to do this, but I respect it.

Author — @endofyraaaaryfodne3389


"Even no passengers on board" but the cameraman is still inside the bus🚶🏻‍♂️

Author — @Benzz63


Bro the driver got iron nuts

Edit: nah you guys are wrong he has both the rock and Johnny sins head as a nuts

Author — @chessbotmask


“One last video before bed”
The video:

Author — @kaylencox8313


Lim Chu Kang is a very interesting place overall. In extremely urban Singapore people decided to just leave that place alone and it's the most rural area in Singapore

Author — @liquid_dihydrogen_monoxide


Bus 975 emerges towards grocery store, stops, and a ghastly figure exits, holding a spatula in his left hand.
“Oh no, it’s the Hash Slinging Slasher!!”

Author — @thewerianwarrior2944


Mad respect for him going to the bus, bro has seen some things fr

Author — @KonradBHeusmann


As a Singaporean, I used to work in a very old condo. I could take other buses but I liked the 975 route because its quiet once we enter the straight drive through the cemetery.

I have had some shit happen to myself. One day, I was otw to the condo. It was roughly 7+pm when the sky has dimmed dark enough. Myself and an office lady, and the driver.

The driver stopped at a stop. A figure with long hair hovering its face and body, and a white robed body. Lifted its arm. Threw what seemed to be coins into the coin deposit.

Driver goes off. A few stops, the alarm goes off. The driver stopped but the figure was no longer there.

The bus driver was really cool. Me and the ol? We shat ourselves.😅

Author — @nutty99mega


Fun fact: I used to take the 975 to work almost every single day, even at night
Honestly the part of the ride that takes you along the cemeteries (its a VERY long straight road) is one of the more peaceful portions

Author — @PuddingCh


it would be pretty fucking rude to denied someone to use the bus just because they're dead

Author — @MrX-un8cz


Bruh the bus driver on that route has literal balls of steel

Author — @Potato-corner-eater-


as a singaporean that lives in singapore, the bus is so good and clean that even the souls/spirits from lim chu kang boards lol

Author — @hearts4inky_.


I used to live in Singapore, and I had this creepy true story about this bus similar to this one. When I saw this video, I got chills.

Author — @SpiritwolfStudios


Why do I watch these vids at 11pm in Singapore 💀💀💀
Edit: Wth? How did this become my most like comment like ever?

Author — @That_Myanmar_dude


It is actually because if he doesn't stop he would be too far ahead of schedule...

Author — @mhm6889


Watching this video while riding Bus 975 at 11 PM.

Author — @calvinteh3297


As a certified citizen of Singapore, I can confirm this.

Author — @nathanieltan1948


Believe it or not. Bus 858, it used to do that when it passes through army camp base. 20years ago, I rode last bus from airport to yishun, Im the only passenger but the bell rang when approaching camp bus stop, the driver looked at me and I shooked my head hinting I didnt pressed tbe bell. Back in the days, the door needs to dropped twice to be fully opened(door remained closed during 1st dropped at the stairs area then 2nd dropped open outwards after the stairs), the driver closed the door after one dropped, just to get rid of the bus stopping sign, the door didn't really open, any decent size human being won't be able to get through. Just seconds after the driver open and closed the door, the bell rang mutiple times(20years ago u could do that, now no longer works that way), the driver opened the door and waited a good 1min before closing again. Yes I am very scared but life goes on. I am still riding 858 last bus from airport to yishun to this day but now the camp bus stop is a popular stop and it never happened again

Author — @akakumokktdpal8151