Pipe Organ (An instrument the size of a building)

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Pipe Organ (An instrument the size of a building) 5

The biggest of instruments.
Takes a half hour long video just to explore MOST of it.

John Sherer's full performances on the 2nd channel:

Thanks so much to them for allowing us to explore this incredible instrument!

Camera operated by Kyle Guzman:

Thank you so much!


💬 Comments on the video

friend: so what instrument do you play? me: *church*

Author — Jarrettastic


So, if the ladder breaks while you're climbing it and you fall to your death. Would your cause of death be organ failure?

Author — Zach Brenner


Violinist: I have the hardest instrument

Harpist: NO I have the hardest instrument

This guy: *whispers* amateurs

Author — TheMightySamosa


“He was about 18 years old when he wrote it”

Me:”Never heard of- ohhh that song.”

Author — Demondefiant


17:23 tell me you didn’t hear that windows error sound

Author — Clay Scarborough


i stuck a pipe through my pancreas and now have a pipe organ

Author — Rudy Ayoub


Being afraid of heights, I think I can safely scratch Organ tuner off my list of potential careers

Author — Brady Ward


I like how these two are very different characters, yet a perfect match to geek out over this great organ.

Author — steve1978ger


Imagine an illiterate person, 200 years ago entering a big church and hears this for the first time.

Author — pål aukan


You know an instrument is hardcore when it needs an underground jet engine to run

Author — Voex


I LOVE how this man not only has a smile on his face when he explains and plays his instrument of choice, but that he lights up when he sees Rob just noodling around and seeing the joy of the instrument take over someone yet again. Just from a 3rd person perspective, instead of a 1st. I feel like he must have done and felt the same way Rob did, hitting that much closer to home.

Author — coolguyhino92


playing the pipe organ is as dangerous as flying a plane. Here, if you commit a mistake, you don't crash, but the whole city notices it.

Author — nothing matters anymore


Rob: “kinda like a guitar players pedal board”
Organ player: “...it’s really like the cockpit of an airplane”


Author — Nate Jewell


"Pipes are made out of *lead* and tin"

*Proceeds to put the pipe in his mouth*

Author — GamerWG


You know an instrument is intense when it literally has a COCKPIT

Author — Jaspev


Friend: what instrument do you play?
Me: I play a church

Author — Keith Vines


Child: What's Christianity?
**plays organ**
Child: *_DEUS VULT_*

Author — Darrell Vermilion


To put the volume into perspective:
AT&T Stadium (Dallas Cowboys Stadium) averages out at about 105 decibels. Yes, 100, 000 drunk Cowboys fans aren’t as loud as this organ.

Author — Micah Thomas


Did you see that? There is a church inside that organ.

Author — Alamda Baes Balqhin


This is such an AMAZING video! I had a smile on my face the whole time! The PLAYER was a wealth of information! THANK YOU!!

Author — TJ Green