Naya Rivera - Has A Flamboyant Fan Base - Only Appearance

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Naya Rivera - Has A Flamboyant Fan Base - Only Appearance 5

Naya Rivera & Craig Ferguson talk about Glee and how people who are drawn to San Francisco also tend to be fans of Naya. She is also a singy actress. Enjoy!

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She was a stunning woman. Rest in Peace.

Author — Cubefarmer Hkc


So terrible...a true hero for saving her son.

Author — Ted Michaels


I hope we find you. I hope you are safe.

Author — That Cool Kid Chris


This is one of those interviews where it clearly shows that it's not scripted. It almost goes into disastrous direction but Craig's amazing talking skills steer it back to fun.

Author — Andrej Brabec


The cat part had me laughing out loud. She was so funny.... I loved her sm and her character meant a lot to me at the time. RIP Angel 👼

Author — Katie Grooms


I really like Naya, and she's beautiful. But her frisbee throwing skills suck. :)

Author — A.E. Jabbour


the part where she said she can’t afford diamonds is true. maybe this was the time when she was still paying her credit card debts because she mentioned in her book that she spent her glee salary to pay the banks.

Author — Marjorie Ocampo


Hey JLF, I have a request to add to your list if possible; Olivia Thirlby. From what I was able to find she was on once in 2008, not sure but hopefully she was on more than once. Saw her in a couple of movies (been watching a lot of Netflix lately) and thought she was great. Thanks man, and this is yet another great video! Cheers bro!

Author — Dot Cam


wow they didn't touch on the subject of domestic violence?

Author — RAY T.H. Yuen