High Speed Passes 2017

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High Speed Passes 2017 4.5

Here is a compilation of all the high speed passes i filmed in 2017. Even though the tile says high speed passes, i did include a few other cool shot. Happy New Year, and please comment and subscribe.

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Man that was a fluid transition at 3:10

Author — IceyNova


1:28 me and the boys flying out of fort zancudo with 4 stars

Author — Gage Comer


Thunderbirds are awesome. But those blue angel guys are freaking lunatics! In the best way possible

Author — Jimmy Parker


so many people vertical recording on phones... This is a crime worthy of the most severe punishment

Author — Spaghetti


That's it! I'm gay for the fighter plane!

Author — I Drink Legos


I'm reality: Alright sir they have gathered on the beach preparing for a strafing run

Author — IAMDIRT 4242


Clear day low show is how it should be done. Good stuff!

Author — dan kuettel


8:08 Seeing an F-18 going by at 580+ mph is great. But at 10:10, they are going by around 475+ and look how hard they are breaking to the left, AT THE END of the routine. That's amazing. That would knock you anyone not used to the G-forces right the F out.

Author — Crashburn 32


I’m 16 and I just got my PPL.
Working on my instrument rating now.
Next year I’m going for helicopter license. If the Air Force would let me fly I’d do it. Huge difference between my Diamond DA62 and an F16, F22 😂

Author — Chloe Hennessey


When I used to go to shows as a kid, the Thunderbirds used to do this fly bye where one was flying normal and the other plane was flying upside down. Do they not do this anymore?

The fighter jets are cool to watch, but one of my favorites was the British bomber the Vulcan.

Author — Bishopman 2


The Blues practice twice a week when they are in Pensacola and I'll go to every practice when I'm in town. What a great show!!! And it's free.

Author — Bob Godfrey


Amazing how good they are and the engineering is perfect, now I have a very difficult task to figure out how to make pancakes...

Author — Healthy Wonders


Fly by
Fly over
No matter what you call it
They never get old

Author — C P


Why do they always have to play stupid loud music at these things?

Author — 311hitwall


Sexy stuff. Such small crowds makes these events seem really intimate. Love the dusk footage.

Author — Marky G


When that large vapor cloud appears behind a jet is that automatically an indication of breaking the sound barrier?

Author — Dragon Master


Could you imagine a new team with F22s!

Author — shatner99


3 High speed passes in a row (in same show)! @1:47 Blue Angel No.5, @ 1:50 Blue Angel No.6, @ 1:52 Super Pigeon!....

Author — Eastern King


This jets sounds really nice with Motley Crue yeah!

Author — Lancaster Devs


8:10 is the lowest I've ever seen the Angels fly... 😳

Author — jonathan wright