Road To Be 9-Dan Player Game 32

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"Greedy greedy. It's time to kill."

I love your commentary <3

Author — SinisterNightcore


Is it ok to suggest English words?  I apologize if this is unhelpful!
These are two different adjectives:
“Traditional” means long-standing, the old way;
“Transitional” describes the short section between two larger sections.
Sunjang Baduk, which was played centuries ago, is a “traditional” Korean game.
(You could call it “transitional” if you are saying that it came between the Classical Chinese and Modern versions of the game.)
Joseki from before the 20th century are “traditional” joseki.
If there are joseki that people learned from AI but then gave up on, they don’t work for humans, those might be called “transitional” joseki because they were used during a transition from the pre-Alphago era to the era of AI Go.

Author — Mitch Gunzler


I’m sure there must be a balance between common sense and being creative. Against a very strong player, White’s kind of game must be losing points with no compensation in the surprise department. It is great to see how to handle this kind of game, thank you!

Author — Paul Bloemen


I don't have Tygem, so can't tell for sure, but @15:43 there is this popup that `opponent got out of the room` - maybe you need to close it first? Some apps become unresponsive while showing a popup message. Great game by the way :)

Author — Zdzieli


I think “proverb” is “sogdam” 속담.  Anyone bilingual here?

Author — Mitch Gunzler