i5 3470 + GTX 1050 Ti | Watch Dogs Legion Gaming Benchmarks

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Gaming Benchmark for WATCH DOGS LEGION on i5 3470 + GTX 1050 Ti

Case- Dell Optiplex 3010

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0:00 Overview
0:24 Settings
0:51 In Game Benchmark
2:28 Medium Settings
3:46 Low Settings
4:59 Lowest Settings
5:44 Conclusion

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💬 Comments

Nice video, obviously the CPU is the problem here changing the quality and resolution won't help a lot.i think 30 FPS Cap will help a little with that CPU.

Author — BenchmarKing


I tried in-game benchmark (i'm not launched game yet) and on 1050Ti, Ryzen 5 1600, 16GB Ram i get 55 stable FPS on medium settings

Author — Mark Борода


The problem is the cpu, the gpu can run it at 35-40 fps stable with medium setting !!

Author — Deaney Le


What fps will I get in these specs ( 8gb ddr5 ram, intel core i5 9th gen and nvidia GeForce GTX 1050ti 4gb.)

Author — A n k I y


if i use 750ti 2gb how much fps will i get spec same like you but use gtx 750ti

Author — Symmetry


Is it playable
And can I play gta 6 in it?

Author — Siddarth