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North Korea - All the dictator's men | DW Documentary 4.5
North Korea is one of the poorest countries in the world, but its leader Kim Jong Un has still found the money he needs to finance a nuclear weapons program, despite the country's fundamental poverty and international economic sanctions.

This documentary looks at how, and introduces the men who have helped Kim Jong Un keep his dreams of reaching nuclear power status alive. North Korea has not reined in its nuclear program, despite a number of UN resolutions that have tried to force it to do so. So how has the isolated country kept the program going despite sanctions? Every year Pyongyang sends millions of North Korean workers abroad, selling their services to over 40 countries around the world. And their salaries flow directly into Kim’s treasury. The only ones who know exactly how the system works are the men who have helped the North Korean government carry through the program for years. A film team spent years researching these men and their secrets - from bankers and diplomats to the laborers and specialists who worked abroad and whose wages flowed into the regime's coffers. Come and meet all the dictator’s men.


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This is such a powerfully edited and profoundly paced documentary DW. Eye opening stuff.

Author — backto1960


Having the same melody played every morning at 6AM is enough to qualify the place as hell on earth.

Author — Ro lf


That wake-up alarm is creepy as all hell

Author — Lesbian Amazon Sister


The countries that participate in slave trading with North Korea should be sanctioned just like North Korea.

Author — Zyworski


This seems like a perfect reason why you shouldn’t travel there as a tourist. All of your money helps prop up this awful regime

Author — David Y


When Kim drops his mixtape but forgets he banned internet

Author — Nick X


take your freedom for granted everyday you wake up.

Author — T.C. Williams


Kim is only fat his people looks so skinny..

Author — Tsering Tsering Dolker


This documentary endangered all of their lives i think

Author — Sunil Sharma


I'm sitting at home with my daughter. I just made her a sandwich. Two slices of turkey deli meat, seasoned and sliced pretty thick as that seems to be the family favorite, and one slice of sharp cheddar from the same deli. Who knew that would be something to be taken for granted?

Author — J. Ritter


They don’t live they just exist for Kim to inflict misery on them

Author — Ron Zee


Not getting paid when you've worked is called slavery

Author — YD Schools


This method of financing the North Korean government programs sounds like repackage slave labor to me.

Author — cabbievonbump


Kim jong un hasnt killed the one person he needs to. His hair dresser.

Author — Zaki Jan


The elite of the world want the world like this.... It is being implemented incrementally..

Author — C N


These documentaries are soooo gooood. Big thank you to everyone who made them. Also really enjoyed the one about poverty. So well filmed and story well told !

Author — Karolina Bobrik


That Music North Koreans are forced Listen to every Morning, sounds like something you would hear from a 70s Horror Movie.

Author — BeyondChange


*The entire population is quarantine from wholeworld for years .. Much worse than corona virus*

Author — Karthikeyan Mahalingam


Sad that someone would treat their people like this!

Author — william arden


We need to find KJU's child, who is probably kept secret and abroad, to educate him/her about what they are doing. If necessary, stop them from returning only to continue the dictatorship

Author — Sample Text