Can We MK7 GTI Swap an Old Jetta (Part 1)

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  • ℹ️ Published 7 months ago

Watch as Paul and the @HumbleMechanic attempt to swap the 2.0t engine with a DSG transmission from a MK7 GTI into a MK3 Jetta. All this hard work is in service of building a modern day Fast and the Furious Jetta. The process of swapping this engine is a pretty big task. The key issues are mounting the engine in the car and if we can make a modern vehicle engine run and drive in an old car. Watch as we struggle to figure out this complicated issue.

Humble Mechanics full breakdown of the totaled MK7 - Video

Full Inspection of the MK3 Jetta

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💬 Comments

The energy between you guys is a joy to watch. Cant wait to see it all done up!

Author — @shizabox


Now that you have figured out how to bypass the body modules it might be worth looking into producing some kind of wiring kit for an EA888 swap kit. There are a lot EA888s out there and a lot of old older VWs begging for engine upgrades.

Author — @busslayer4790


If you guys tend to make a simplified wire diagram of what is needed to start and run a mk7 engine like you did in this video, that would be HUGE GAME CHANGER

Author — @richolishis94


Super impressive start to the project guys!
We're eager to see what's next and how (if) you guys will survive it. LOL

Author — @unitronic


Great approach to this project. I like that anyone (myself included) can watch these and have more confidence approaching projects they wouldn’t have considered before.

Can’t wait for the second episode👍🏼 Thanks guys!

Author — @P3Gauges


Yes, the joys of getting a newer engine in an older chassis. I personally love spending 2-3 days backtracking my own work. 😂

Author — @harp_attack


This turned out to be one of the most technically informative instructional videos ; great baseline information for anyone looking to to anything like this

Author — @tingsfromyaad3942


Oh yeah another Paul and Charles collab, also you guys are insane the mess of wires you had looked so intimidating, cant wait to see this done

Author — @Mario12342010


Planning this same swap (except with a manual transmission) into my MK2. Highly interested in the hurdles you run into.

Author — @mycahjewell2272


I don't even have the patience to untangle christmas lights. This was seriously impressive guys, that wiring mess looked very hard to tackle. It will feel really good when you finish the project!

Author — @ericstockmann2487


How did you manage to find a jetta with EVERY mk3 common problem? On the plus side, a complete engine swap is one way to fix em all at once lol. I'm so excited for this build, absolutely LOVE your guy's build videos!!!

Author — @eimaiakominzontanos


I was planning on doing this to a 8P with the mk7 R motor. After some research I couldn't think of a way to make the mk7 protocols work with the pq35 protocols.
Ended up swapping the EA888 to the EA113 CDL and just had to repin the ECU and run new grounds everywhere. Much easier 🤣🤣🤣

Author — @express4043


What a nightmare, the pump issue you could have checked with an obd2 reader fuel pressures and spot the problem right away, this is definitely not an easy swap and that's just the wiring, there is much more to do, I wish you guys good luck on this project! Hopefully in the future there will be aftermarket ecus that use just the essential to make it run to do swaps more easily...

Author — @dhrida5518


The Jesse fit and the wiper accident had me in tears 😂! Loved this video and the way you guys approached this swap was incredibly smart. Can’t wait for part 2!

Author — @garycaridi47


Nice video guys. FYI the DSG also has an immobiliser and will let the car start but won't go into gear if active

Author — @peterdavies9209


"Then we'll tape it all up and make it look sexified" - Charles

Yes! Thats the word I woulda thought of! 😂

Love watching you two on these collaborations. You guys go together like lamb and tunafish.

Author — @dandeangelo98


Oh, I hate the wiring job SO much... doing an engine swap in my Lexus LS nearly broke my mind, but I used the same method lol. Nice to know you don't actually need that much for that swap as I love the latest E888. I'd love one in a MKI Scirocco.

Author — @spinnetti


This is a GREAT project!!! A gen-1 golf would have been even better, at less than 2000 pounds it would have a true sleeper but I get the F&F reference. Subbed, can't wait to see the next episode. 🙂

Author — @Dutch-vj2eg


Paul's emotional and mental journey during these engine swaps always makes for unmissable viewing. I don't know why keeps doing it to himself, but I'm glad he does.

Author — @Badgertronix


Interested to see how this develops, we did an EA888 Gen3 2.0tsi Leon Cupra Engine and DSG gearbox swap into a Mk2 Golf GTi a couple of years ago now, it really is the best way to transform these old cars.

Author — @JBSAutoDesigns