Detective Conan (Nazo) [Miho Komatsu & La PomPon] (OPENING 03 & OPENING 41) 1997 & 2015

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(Opening 3)

Song Name: [Nazo]
Artist: Miho Komatsu
Release Date: May 28, 1997

(Opening 41)
Song Name: [Nazo]
Artist: La Pompon
Release Date: September 16, 2015


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💬 Comments

No matter it is original or remake, Nazo are one of the best op in dc

Author — punya wawa


opening 3 is my favorite compared to opening 41... it has more emotions than the latter :)

Author — JD Aguirre


I loved op no.3 so much that when i was pass op no.3 that when i heard the lyrics of op 41 i was so HAPPY LIKE LEGIT

Author — Sour Pineapple


Im currently rewatch Detective Conan from beginning and didn't know this song is getting a remake😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Awww the power it holds!

Author — azaszemi2008


I love 41 because of the brilliant Choas theory within it. Every line was connected due to the drug that he was forced to take.
Also I just noticed that both intros has Conan and Shinchi wearing Sherlock's clothes!

Author — Moe A


Conan asserting dominance is a win for op 3 but I like the extra verse

Author — PWL


My favorite playlist for Detective Conan

Author — PML Casper Mobile Legend Video


Thank you so much, this is amazing XD

Author — Tsukiyu27


I LOVE THIS SM, but i prefer opening 41

Author — ‹ ャ ִֶָ shiRoシイロ!


اول ما شفته بغيت اصيح افضل اوبنينق عندي سووله ريميك 😢❤️‍🩹 كان مفاجأه بالنسبه لي لان لي ثمان سنين موقفه متابعه لحلقات كونان ،والحين انحرق علي انه فيه ايندينق بعد سووله ريميك بس لسا ما وصلت لحلقاته متحمسه مره !!

Author — kawaii pq


OMG, this is a bloody nightmare to listen to...!! 😱 Could you *please* reupload this with the two opening songs separated? Show the Miho Komatsu opening first, then La PomPon. *PLEASE.* 🙏

Author — Crystal Identity


Op 3 was epic since it my chilhod..i been watch, and best for all tq for upload

Author — Six Stone Official


Ah, one of those has a slightly lower pitch. Riveting!

Author — Edu Melero Verdú


Despite both of songs are great, the notification bell sounds are so annoying.

Author — Herodion Sutardi


In which episode did opening 41 appear?

Author — Light Craft


When the 2 are combined, it sound flat and out of tune. Hahahaha

Author — Ryder Ruble


Konoyo de anata no ai o teniireru mo no
odoru raito mitsumete wasurenai ahh nazo ga tokete yuku

kimi wa mada utagau koto naku
tomodachi to yobeta hibi sugoshi ima mo zutto
namida afure tomaranakute
ushinau koto dake o oshiete yuku tsumori

sukoshidemo tsutaetakute itamu kokoro ga
don’na keiken sh#te mo yappari mayou no yo
konoyo de anata no ai o teniireru mo no
odoru raito mitsumete wasurenai ahh nazo ga tokete yuku

Author — Nagato of the world


El sonido de la campana para subcribirse es molestoso

Author — JV 11