XP Deus HF Series Coils- A Year Review

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This is a follow up video to my XP Deus High Frequency coil first impression. The more I hunt with this coil the more I enjoy it. As always this is just my opinion and not endorsed by anyone. Thanks for watching! #xpdeus #metaldetecting #Gonediggin

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Thanks buddy ! For subscribing to my channel which I hope in the future I’ll have some good digging videos posted

Author — The Man


So cool hes gotta wear sunglasses inside! Haha jk good review!

Author — Adventure Archaeology


Nice review, thanks for sharing Matt. Until next time HH&GL *Chris*

Author — Preserving _the_Past


Best explanation on coils that We have ever seen...thanks for your brain

Author — Elkslayer


Awesome review !!! I use the 9 inch round HF coil at the 14khz range and have found lots of silver other coils have missed.

Author — Metal Detecting SC


This looks so tempting to me. That dues is so light and nimble I love my Garrett’s though I keep watching your thoughts on this all to learn more you might have me pulling the trigger sometime.

Author — Metal Pirate Girl


Hey man. Cool channel. I want to get into metal detecting so I'll learn from your videos. I just saw you on precision angling test Livestream, so wanted to check you out and show support. 👍

Author — John Klopp


I only use the HF Elliptical coil now not used the standard coil since 👍

Author — The Ferret's Variety Channel


I just bought a HF round that was updated to 5.2 so I updated my controller and earphones already so I should just be able to pair them up ?

Author — Mark Kus


I watched one of your videos where your buddy, who was newer using the Deus, had the X35 coil while you used the HF coil. He seemed to crush the coins that day, where you did not. Do you think that was due to luck or coil choice?

Author — Russ M


Well I value your 2 cents! Nice video—especially like the part of adjustments that you make. Keep up the good work 👍🏽

Author — Aggie Hall